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Having years of expertise and a stellar record in delivering excellence, DigiTrends guarantee outstanding user experience by providing top-notch CMS development services. Our professional CMS developers assist companies in larger user engagement and retention while guaranteeing efficient and timely web content administration and promoting businesses, thus increasing potential prospects. So, what are you waiting for?

Our Solutions

Wondering about the fundamental elements we provide to revolutionize your business?

Do you want to make managing the content on your website faster and easier? So, look no further! Our competent CMS developers give users an exquisite experience and guarantee a robust online presence by streamlining and arranging your website. Our skilled CMS web developers take the content management system to the next level. Here's how we revolutionize your business:


Transform your business into a brand by working with us!

Wondering how we can help revolutionize your business?
As an integrated software company, we strive to make the digital world a better place for solution finders by implementing a functional digital solution that appeals to the customers and helps people stay informed. DigiTrends offers clients specialized CMS development solutions to meet their requirements, thus increasing their ROI and providing exquisite user experience. Our expert CMS developers implement best business practices to create unique and functional custom content management systems per your business requirements.

Reliable And Impactful Design

A wide selection of website design templates should be available in your CMS software. Additionally, you must be able to readily alter such designs to meet your needs. Because of the utilization of microservices and a multi-layered framework, we follow the separation of concerns (SoC) and strong throughput architecture and design concepts.

Assurance Of Software Caliber

How you ensure CMS quality has become an important factor. Being the leading source of CMS development services providers, we believe that figuring out how to put good testing practices in place as soon as possible can help you uncover the issue and rectify it. Here's how we guarantee quality:

  • Methodical quality assurance with ideal test coverage
  • Automated API
  • Unit Testing
  • UI testing
Robust Publishing Tools And Controls

As a leading CMS development services provider, we believe that the foundation of any CMS is its "publishing tools,” just as the material you post is the basis of your interactions. Anything, including brief news updates to lengthy blog pieces with customized designs, can be easily published using CMS. We are dedicated to giving companies a solid online presence that meets their requirements.

Prompt Delivery

As a leading CMS development services provider, our exceptional team of CMS developers, Agile process, and well-established DevOps methods with CI/CD enable the first functional version of a CMS platform to be completed in 2–3 months.

CMS for all platforms

Award-winning CMS platforms for all types of websites

As a top provider of CMS development services, DigiTrends creates exceptional, user-friendly, and sturdy CMS websites using cutting-edge, popular, and quick technologies to ensure an exquisite user experience. We assess your business strategy and conduct in-depth market research to ensure that your selected CMS can accommodate online operations. Our CMS Web Solution gives businesses various access and management options for the organization's network, content, and resources. DigiTrends provide CMS development services to businesses of all sizes, and we create content management systems for various websites like:

  • E-commerce Websites

    An effective CMS is essential for managing and publishing content; our top-notch collection of customized eCommerce CMS development services includes creating the online store, integrating the payment system, developing bespoke modules, etc.

  • Corporate Websites

    DigiTrends provides outstanding bespoke CMS solutions to all businesses as a premier provider of CMS development services. Regardless of how big or small your organization is, using a CMS platform to manage the digital material and optimize the content on your website is vital.

  • Information Portals

    Our CMS, developed by exceptional CMS web developers, enables information to be distributed more quickly by providing tools to monitor and manage the whole archive of content for a certain site. At DigiTrends, we have experts keen on transforming the digital world by providing customized CMS development for creating unique, individually designed websites focused on authentic information.

  • Intranet CMS

    Nowadays, almost all businesses have an intranet. An intranet is essential to the day-to-day operations of every business that uses technology, whether a conventional software application or a combination of storage and networking tools. Being the top CMS developers, DigiTrends' content management system assists at each stage of the process, from content creation and publication through accessibility, editing, and archiving.

  • B2B Portals

    B2B enterprises require content management systems in particular. Our competent CMS developers promptly create websites for organizations that look great and are user-friendly, and generate traffic; thus, as a top provider of CMS development services, DigiTrends help businesses find success.

  • Social Networking CMS

    Our robust content management system (CMS) allows businesses to develop and publish social media websites while enabling content consumers to interact with the companies and one another, whether internally or as members of the customer base. It also helps surface information, increasing its value and traffic to the site.


We Partnered With Global Multinationals, Fortune 500 Companies, Enterprises, And Startups

Over the decade, DigiTrends has partnered up with global multinationals, Fortune 500 companies, enterprises, and startups. With our perfect aggregate of extensive digital strategies, effective communication, and tactical execution, we have digitally transformed many businesses. Here are some of our highly acclaimed products.

Our Services

DigiTrends offers a variety of CMS development services to satisfy clients

DigiTrends provides quality CMS services options to support growth throughout our client enterprises with such advantages and technologies. Our CMS services include the following:

  • Custom CMS systems are one-of-a-kind solutions designed particularly for a single client.
  • Experienced professionals with extensive technical knowledge render our custom CMS development services to providing you with an exquisite experience.
  • In-depth assessment of the equirements for web content management.
  • High-level data security and protection.
  • Enhanced functionality and scalability
  • Determining the ideal CMS feature set, choosing a solutions stack, and determining an implementation strategy are all included in custom CMS development services.
  • Improved design and usability.
  • Better customer support.
  • Quality assurance along with manual and automated testing.
  • Choosing the right CMS platform based on your content creation, management and design requirements.
  • Our platform-based CMS development services also include choosing the right strategy for execution as per your business requirements. 
  • Quality assurance along with manual and automated testing.
  • Improved design and usability.
  • Better customer support.
  • Encompasses software and databases to store the configuration information for an IT infrastructure and its associated services.
  • Our CMS module development services define the technical specifications for content management system modules, especially those with cutting-edge features like Machine learning and VR, by your requirements for web content management.
  • Additionally, as part of our CMS module development services, we include the CMS Modules options menu, which gives you quick access to the module's pre-installed operational and integration management functions.
  • Our CMS module development includes configuration item search, integration studio, probe dashboard, smart software analytics etc. 
  • Quality assurance along with manual and automated testing.

Our market-competitive pricing model

With our feature-rich CMS development services, you can empower and revolutionize your businesses. As a renowned CMS developer, DigiTrends specializes in creating bespoke CMS platforms that are intuitive, feature-rich, and have an exceptional design. To give clients the best possible user experience, we deliver on what we promise, providing market-competitive pricing structures. You can choose the standard or premium package depending on your business needs. So, what are you waiting for?

Standard Pricing Model
  • Includes T&M with a cap
  • Suitable for large-scale CMS projects.
  • Suitable for projects with an ambiguous scope and agile development.
  • Flexible and negotiable budget.
Premium Pricing Model
  • Fixed-price
  • Ideal smaller CMS projects
  • Suitable for CMS projects with a clear and consistent scope
  • The project can be distributed into phases, each calculated independently in our premium pricing model to minimize risks.
Key Benefits

Wondering why you need a CMS development right away?

A CMS enables you to manage your website's digital content at the most fundamental level. Most of them are accessible, allowing you to alter or enhance the platform. When building and creating content management systems, our experienced CMS developers don't take any shortcuts. We provide specialized CMS solutions that are strong, competent, and unmatched while keeping your requirements in mind.

Let us help turn your business into a brand while enjoying the following benefits:

  • Increased Revenue

    By 2026, CMS revenue is anticipated to reach $123.5 billion globally. The overall revenue for CMS in 2018 was $35.8 million. This implies that CMS revenue is projected to climb by 245% in less than ten years.

  • Increased Website Traffic

    10–50% increase in website traffic due to automation causing web content to be updated and published more quickly.

  • Boost In CMS Website Users

    The number of CMS websites climbed by 75% between 2015 and 2022. Only about 25% of websites in 2015 used a CMS. But by 2022, that proportion had increased to nearly 50%, with 43.6% of websites now using CMS.

  • Increased CAGR

    The CMS is anticipated to have a CAGR of 13.3% between 2020 and 2025.

Transform your business

Thinking about how to make managing the content on your website easier?

A significant investment in both people and technology is needed to run a business. Our expert CMS developers can provide precisely what you require on time, whether you're searching for a custom CMS or a CMS platform like WordPress. Your business can find the CMS it needs with our custom CMS solutions. This is how our exclusive CMS platform and solution offer improved support to transform your business.

  • Improved flexibility and ease of use.
  • Cost efficiency by offering pricing packages for custom CMS to assist you in starting a project within your resources.
  • Enhanced performance and better functionality.
  • CMS web developers and SEO specialists deliver services that increase your return on investment
  • Improved collaboration
  • Lower maintenance cost
Hire our Experts

Reasons to consider switching your CMS.

A robust CMS can handle most of your business's demands and will reduce the number of extensions you need, simplifying management and removing risks.
Here are a few reasons why you should consider switching your CMS and hiring our expert CMS developers:

  • When a user's experience on your site is sluggish, it negatively impacts both SEO and UX.

  • In need of a powerful CMS that shows you how you might go about expanding your site in the future.

  • Your present CMS is too sluggish and does not support redesign.

  • The cost of your present CMS is too high, and you require enhanced security features.

Providing High Quality Content

DigiTrends, SEO and CMS development: A Winning Combination!

If you've been creating content hastily and wishing some of it would ultimately rank after some time, it's time to step back and devote yourself to a more thorough SEO-friendly content strategy. But don’t worry, we have got your back! As a leading CMS development services provider, designing and implementing SEO-friendly content management systems is one of our expertise.
Our CMS offers editing capabilities, so you can create high-quality content and improve SEO rankings, content and strategy. At DigiTrends, we offer the fundamental tools for content editing and give businesses an exceptional user interface that enables them to:

  • Define good headings

  • Write relevant SEO-friendly content

  • Put the right keywords in your text.

  • Link stuff and make links with descriptions


Everything You Need To Know
About How CMS Development

Still curious about what Content Management System is and how you might need it for your business to succeed? We hope these answers help.

The type of CMS, design complexity, functionality, and other factors affect how much a CMS costs.  You can opt from our pricing models; however, you can contact our experts to book a free consultation and receive a price estimate.

Your needs determine the CMS development schedule because specific features are required for creating and delivering a competently created CMS. For instance, eCommerce websites demand a greater time commitment at each stage of the development process, particularly for the UX/UI component.

Although Joomla or Drupal have historically been superior for websites with extremely high traffic, WordPress is the most widely utilized. However, it all depends on your business requirements when deciding the best CMS platform.

A CMS enables the site owner to concentrate on Content by removing the technical concerns associated with web page production and management. This enables them to focus on boosting website traffic, enhancing SEO, and converting visitors into buyers.