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DigiTrends provides custom software development services to help you scale and improve the operations of your retail business. We are, a leading retail software development firm, we provide; integration, process optimization, and data migration services to help you on your digitization journey.

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Retail Solutions Software

The retail industry is more competitive, difficult, and demanding than ever before. It is not just rapidly evolving, but it also should stay afloat with client expectations. The sector is huge and varied, ranging from fashion retail to food. DigiTrends develops software solutions that improve customer experience, client base expansion, and back-office operations with the help of the following features:

Retail App Development

DigiTrends creates custom retail software from the ground up or on industry-leading platforms to connect online and offline channels and assist your retail business in reaching digitally savvy customers. For retailers, manufacturers, and consumer-goods organizations, we provide full-service retail software development services for omnichannel infrastructure, personalized shopping carts, e-commerce platforms, and more.

Full-Range Integration

DigiTrends integrate retail apps with corporate systems such as ERPs, supply chain management systems, eCommerce modules, and legacy systems to provide a single point of control and management for a wide range of retail operations. We provide brick-and-mortar POS connections with automated invoicing, payment processing, and security features that work with all payment methods, including credit cards, cheques, and mobile payments.

In-Store Automation

We create detailed retail software for commercial operations, automating and optimizing activities such as product information management, merchandising management, and promotions management. In-store automation can be used to create connected, digitally augmented experiences for your visitors, increase store usability, and boost operational efficiency by leveraging sensors, beacons, and mobile apps.

Retail Data Analytics

Our retail software solution developers build BI infrastructures that analyze structured and unstructured data from many routes. These provide information about customer behavior and preferences, stock movement and demand, shop-floor usability, and other key data. We improve your retail workflows by integrating advanced order processing modules that automate distributed order management, inventory management, and omnichannel fulfillment.


How DigiTrends Retail Software Manage Your Work

The retail sector is currently more cutthroat, demanding, and competitive than ever. It is not only rapidly developing, but it also has to be in line with customer needs. The industry is extremely diverse and intricate, ranging from grocery to retail fashion. This is why DigiTrends develops retail software products that enhance customer satisfaction, increase clientele, and enhance back-office operations. Our software include:

POS Development

We will assist you in achieving either of these objectives, whether you're thinking about deploying POS software or currently have a deployed POS system that needs redesigning or optimization. We offer full-cycle design, development, installation, migration, and maintenance for POS systems.

Inventory And Pricing

In order to provide visibility into inventory and pricing across retail locations, online sales channels, and warehouses, we design and update inventory management systems. Utilizing analytics and reporting will enable you to control prices and promotions, develop successful merchandising plans, and keep tabs on product shelf life and stock levels.

Order Fulfillment

For the purpose of automating order tracking, shipping, and delivery management, our team develops digital fulfillment systems. They can automate the creation of invoices and receipts, track order statuses across online and offline channels, and simplify click-and-collect. A collaboration site for assistants, fulfillment managers, and couriers can also be provided by such a service.

Billing And Payments

To simplify billing, reduce processing times, hasten checkout, and expedite refunds, we design and implement specialized solutions. Our products support a variety of payment methods, including wearables and mobile devices. We also provide self-checkout stations with a smooth payment experience. We guarantee that every transaction is safe and unbreakable.

Marketing Automation

To facilitate personalized engagement with your customers, we enable marketing automation. Your retail solution will create customer segments and profiles using data from various sources, analyze trends and patterns, and assist you in customizing your ad, email, and social media campaigns, promotions, and beacon notifications based on the customer's location, preferences, and purchase history.

Ecommerce Development

In order to serve connected consumers wherever they want to make a purchase, get assistance, or make a return. DigiTrends creates and optimizes online commerce systems. We design trade portals, online shops, B2B or B2C marketplaces, and social media shopping modules with safe and quick e-payment methods and support alternatives like contact centers and chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Omnichannel Engagement

DigiTrends Offers Retail Software Solutions for Omnichannel Engagement

Give your clients an omnichannel experience. Utilize technology to your advantage and implement omnichannel retail solutions in your business with DigiTrends. Your retail application will be made omnichannel consumer engagement-ready by our firm. All touchpoints will be combined with the capabilities needed to provide a consistent customer experience in a single data hub.

  • 360-Degree Customer View

    In order to give access to gathered information about clients and partners in one location, we connect and adapt CRM systems. You will simplify your communication and receive a 360-degree perspective of your customers.

  • Loyalty Systems

    We design personalized loyalty management and reward programs that are accessible via mobile applications and loyalty cards. You may attract new clients and keep your current ones happy by providing customized perks and discounts.

  • Proximity Marketing

    We link NFC, beacon, and sensor technology to allow merchants to send consumers tailored offers via proximity-triggered notifications on their smartphones or to help customers navigate the shop.

  • Augmented Experience

    We can outfit your locations or applications with augmented and virtual reality experience capabilities that assist customers in seeing how things work, fit in the environment, or match a specific aesthetic, assisting their purchase decisions as well as engaging in novel ways.

Related Services

DigiTrends Also Deals With Various Related Services in Retail Management

With innovative retail solutions, DigiTrends assists merchants in offering seamless, customer-focused shopping experiences across all channels. We achieve this by identifying the problems your company is currently experiencing, assisting you in using the best tactics and using innovation to fuel growth. With the help of our retail software development services, we'll take your retail business to the next level of efficiency by analyzing what drives customer behavior.

Retail CRM

We create retail CRM solutions that link sales, marketing, and customer service teams through a single integrated platform, idealizing collaboration and boosting output across offline and online channels. DigiTrends design your retail CRM with the needs of your customers in mind, providing you with the resources to attract new clients, boost client retention rates, and cultivate client loyalty.

Retail ERP

Retail enterprise resource planning solutions are multipurpose products that help B2B and B2C merchants with a range of jobs and business operations. They do this by combining built-in modules and software connectors. DigiTrends will design a retail ERP system to integrate data from many departments of your online and offline business.

Ecommerce Consulting

Our E-Commerce consultants offer guidance on every facet of e-commerce technology implementation and optimization as they assist retailers in launching and expanding their online stores.

Ecommerce Personalization

Our specialists create products that help B2B and B2C retailers better understand their clients and offer them highly customized offers and experiences. In this way, businesses can improve customer service, churn prevention, conversion rates, and marketing.


Ways Technology Can Improve Your Retail Business

We are one of the few firms that develop retail software solutions. Our talented development team can offer you any kind of retail software with all the necessary features. Your productivity will grow thanks to the developed software, and the extremely affordable service fee is also highly alluring. Here are some of the advantages of using our retail software.

Operating Cost Reducing

Many duties would be performed by your retailing software on its own. Your running expenses will go down as a result. With retail management software, you may run your firm with a small number of trained staff. All of the listed tasks will be started by the software automatically. You must negotiate with your vendor firm all the characteristics you desire. As a result, the program will simplify the process and save operational costs.

Increasing ROI

The primary objective of every business owner is to boost return on investment. You might grow your business using a point-of-sale retail software. Your sales ratio would significantly rise. It will have a significant impact on your productivity, which will boost your yearly income. Consequently, you would instantly make more money. As a result, the return on investment will grow.

Performs Accounting

Any type of business requires the very crucial and challenging work of accounting. However, you must complete the assignment accurately nonetheless. So, to relieve you from all the problems, DigiTrends provides you with the finest accounting-integrated retail software.

Increasing Client Satisfaction

Your sales will rise as a result of retail software development. You could monitor consumer behavior in your store using any retail software. In order to enhance sales, you can also specify what is in demand and what you need to have in your business. If you can't provide them with what they want straight away in this fast-paced world, they will immediately go to the other merchant.

Marketing And Promotion

The two decisive variables in every form of business are promotion and marketing. You must advertise your firm in every available media if you want to succeed. In this manner, you may contact more potential clients than before. With DigiTrends, you can advertise your company more widely and draw in more clients

E-commerce Integration

There is also the worthwhile option of getting involved with e-commerce. If you run an online business, your consumers can contact you there as well. They will be able to purchase from you whenever and wherever they choose. Your sales will greatly rise as a result. More than ever, you have access to a larger market.

Retail for Mobile

DigiTrends Is a Leading Custom Retail Software and Mobile App Developer

Retail mobile apps allow customers to opt-in for push notifications, which can provide you with a direct channel to connect and inform them about upcoming and ongoing sales, personalized discounts, new arrivals, in-store exclusives, and so on. Push notifications can also be sent to a user automatically if they express an interest in a specific product, which can help them along the path to purchasing it.Mobile apps already put information and products at the fingertips of customers. This increases their likelihood of engaging with your company.

Increase Brand Awareness

When a user downloads your mobile app, they do so voluntarily, which means they are aware that it exists on their phone even when they are not using it. When combined with the fact that they will see your logo every time they unlock their phone, it creates an ideal combination for increased brand awareness.

Retain Customers With Loyalty Programs

Implementing a loyalty programme directly into a mobile app makes it easier for users to keep track of their points and/or offers, especially because the app keeps the user logged in, reducing the time and effort required to sign in to their account on another device. A mobile app also eliminates the need for loyalty cards, which can be bulky in a wallet or easily misplaced. Customers also have their mobile devices with them the majority of the time, making using the app a much easier option.

Boost Sales With Fast Purchases

Customers can make purchases wherever they are, whenever they want using mobile apps. There are no operating hours or the need to sign in to an account on a regular basis to use a mobile app because they automatically save user information upon download. This immediately speeds up the checkout process, especially if the customer's payment method and personal shipping information are saved to the app.

Increase Engagement

One of the benefits of a mobile app is that users can access it at any time, and the more they use it, the more brand awareness grows. Customers may find this constant convenience and accessibility to your business to be extremely appealing because it puts the power in their hands when they want to engage.


Everything You Need To Know About Retail Software Development

Still curious about what retail software development is and how you might need it for your business to succeed? We hope these answers help.

A POS system allows your business to accept payments from customers and keep track of sales. It sounds simple enough, but the setup can work in different ways, depending on whether you sell online, have a physical storefront, or both.

Our retail solutions are flexible enough to work for hundreds of different types of businesses. Will it work for you? Every business is a little different so try the demo, get your list of questions together and make sure it has the features and functions you need.

Our sales features are designed to handle a lot of different types of business needs. In addition to traditional sales we can handle, quotes, deposits, layaways, store credits, and house charges.

DigiTrends would help you eliminate the stress of maintaining different inventories for your different sales channels; this means you can centrally and effectively manage all your sales channels with us. This is one of the ways we help retailers to save stress, money, and time.