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Creating the right automotive software for your car dealership business can help deliver a wide audience and consumers as more individuals visit your dealership's website. With DigiTrends automotive software development, get an increase in your entire revenue with more earnings and sales; add significant value to your firm compared to before. Our automotive software solutions raise the bar in terms of safety, comfort, and convenience.

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DigiTrends Automotive Software Development Services

We are a partner in your digital transformation, assisting you with integrated, data-driven, and long-term digital automotive solutions. Make use of every possibility that technology has to offer, from chip to middleware to cloud; from consulting to engineering to operating one-of-a-kind systems that are entirely your intellectual property.


Developing the Right Kind of Management System for Your Car Dealership Business

The system of car dealerships deals with a range of automobiles and also stocks a range of certified pre-owned automobiles. Automotive technicians and salespeople, who are eager to sell automobiles, make up the workforce in this system. While auto mechanics typically stock or sell spare-type vehicles as well as their parts with warranties and claims. Additionally, we offer the ability to maintain and service automobiles. DigiTrends create specialized DMS that give businesses complete command over every facet of the sales process, service follow-up, financing, insurance, and warehouse management. We assist automotive companies in ensuring efficient information flows throughout distribution networks of all sizes and locations.


Our customized DMS applications can assist your salespeople in revealing all features and technical specifications of a specific vehicle, adding optional features, and estimating the price while the customer is present. This will enable them to make a detailed offer right away and significantly boost conversion rates.

Service And Spare Parts

We create distinctive DMS solutions that are intended to offer thorough details regarding service orders, stock availability, and reserved parts. This can greatly simplify workflows for warehouse management that would otherwise be complex, allowing companies to forecast demand and adjust stock levels accordingly.

Financing And Insurance

We can automate accounting workflows and integrate them into your DMS so that your staff can measure KPIs and evaluate performance while also managing invoices, maintenance contracts, and insurance plans. We also enable full-cycle tax management and make your DMS compatible with a variety of buyer payment schemes.

Customer Relationship Management

We implement platform-based CRM systems as well as develop tailored ones specifically for the automobile sector to help dealers with coordinating their marketing operations and enhancing customer experience. As a consequence, you will be able to properly segment your client base, customize your messages, manage leads across channels, and make simple plans for your sales tactics.


Lookout for DigiTrends Automotive Ecommerce Solutions

Technology innovation is the key to success for a variety of firms in the fast-paced automotive sector, including retailers, equipment and parts producers, dealerships, vendors, and suppliers. Our expert automotive software developers have more than a decade of experience designing and developing top-notch software solutions for the automotive industry, including digital products, platforms, and apps. They can assist you in automating operations, increasing consumer engagement, and making data-based decisions that will boost your top-line performance and bottom line.

  • Digital Stores

    Because of the variety of vehicles available, the difficulty of matching the correct automobiles with the right goods, and delivering huge, expensive components in a timely way, an automotive e-commerce platform presents a set of issues that are specific to the products. DigiTrends provide scalable automotive e-commerce website development that offers advanced catalog management, a range of secure payment choices, customer service chatbots, and other features required to give a competitive digital experience.

  • Mobile Apps

    Create a storefront with DigiTrends that will endure the test of time. Develop Automotive Ecommerce Websites and apps for the sale of car parts with all essential features, including a comprehensive photo gallery, simple search, streamlined payment, and more without compromising your vision. With intelligent search capabilities, multi-language and multi-currency support, and multi-geography capture, you can make it simple for your customers to find what they're looking for. Create personalized quotations for consumers depending on their requirements, then send out quotes automatically.


Advancements in Automotive Software Development and Electronics

The evolution of the connected-car ecosystem will have an impact on multiple value chains, including automotive, telecommunications, software, and semiconductors. The evolving automotive value chain will create numerous new opportunities for both industry insiders and outside technology players. By 2030, the total value created by connected-car use cases could exceed $550 billion, up from around $64 billion in 2020.

Connected Vehicles And Cloud Data

The Cloud-hosted SAAS system is designed to allow for faster and more accurate data sharing. Many technological advancements have enabled entire servers as well as storage to be hosted in the cloud-based SAAS system. You should consider a cloud-hosted SAAS system because it allows for greater vertical scalability. By enabling vehicles to receive over-the-air software updates for diagnostic and maintenance purposes, we help to improve the in-car driving experience.

Smart Navigation

To process their workloads, connected-car use cases today typically rely on either onboard computing or the cloud. Navigation systems, for example, can tolerate relatively high latency and may perform better in the cloud. To ensure maximum safety and route efficiency, we build V2X communication modules that allow drivers to receive contextually aware routing assistance, real-time traffic information, and fast map compilation.

Performs Accounting

Any type of business requires the very crucial and challenging work of accounting. However, you must complete the assignment accurately nonetheless. So, to relieve you from all the problems, DigiTrends provides you with the finest accounting-integrated retail software.

Increasing Client Satisfaction

Your sales will rise as a result of retail software development. You could monitor consumer behavior in your store using any retail software. In order to enhance sales, you can also specify what is in demand and what you need to have in your business. If you can't provide them with what they want straight away in this fast-paced world, they will immediately go to the other merchant.

Marketing And Promotion

The two decisive variables in every form of business are promotion and marketing. You must advertise your firm in every available media if you want to succeed. In this manner, you may contact more potential clients than before. With DigiTrends, you can advertise your company more widely and draw in more clients

E-commerce Integration

There is also the worthwhile option of getting involved with e-commerce. If you run an online business, your consumers can contact you there as well. They will be able to purchase from you whenever and wherever they choose. Your sales will greatly rise as a result. More than ever, you have access to a larger market.


Benefits of Custom Automotive Software Development with DigiTrends

With the help of software applications and artificial intelligence, the mobility industry is progressing very quickly (AI). Vehicle data turns into a key resource for businesses looking to accelerate their digital transformation. For the majority of businesses today, going digital appears to be a crucial step, and they need dependable and trustworthy solutions. For their unique needs, DigiTrends offers businesses reliable, high-quality custom automotive solutions. In other words, we collaborate with companies and create unique projects for extraordinary results.

Develop Compelling Features

A decade ago, the automotive sector was very different from what it is today. There are numerous digital services and functions in cars that need software to function. Drivers use standard features, such as connecting their smartphones to their vehicles, adaptive cruise control, and front collision warnings. As a result, without automotive software development services, automakers cannot build contemporary vehicles. Through their partnership with an automotive software development company, they can equip cars with vital digital services and create increasingly complex custom solutions to keep up with technological advancements.

Advantage Over Competitors

The opportunity to lead the digital revolution and surpass competitors with cutting-edge technology exists in custom software development for the automotive industry. According to Gartner, from 1% today, 70% of new cars will have Android automotive operating systems by 2028. Therefore, you should look for trustworthy automotive software development services right now if you want to be prepared for the future.One of DigiTrends primary areas of focus is automotive software solutions. We produce fleet management software, driver assistance systems, self-driving capabilities, HMI and NDS-based navigation, and other technologies popular among OEMs and Tier 1 firms. You become more competitive in the present market conditions thanks to all of these options.

Tailored Expertise From The Best

Custom automotive software development entails tailoring engineering services to your specific business and technological requirements. DigiTrends, as an automotive software development company with years of experience, is aware of market challenges and knows how to address them in each individual case. When we start a new project, we thoroughly research our customers' needs in order to provide the best automotive software solutions. Our recommendations are based on extensive experience and data analytics. We handle every stage of automotive software development, from business analysis to deployment and maintenance.

Enterprise Mobility

Automobile manufacturers are rapidly implementing mobile solutions to improve business processes. Mobility is the primary goal of the automotive industry, and car manufacturers are no exception. Mobile solutions in the automotive industry provide competitive advantages in all divisions, from production lines to logistics and inventory management. Applications aimed at production line automation and maintenance are the most popular among automotive companies.


An Automotive Software Development Company That Deals With Logistics Technologies

These technologies help the logistics industry's use of big data and analytics grow. When combined with data from other sources, the data generated and transmitted by RFID tags and robotic warehouse systems enable businesses to optimize the supply chain, produce more accurate forecasts, and increase productivity and profitability. To summarize, the future is bright and ripe for disruption, and these are just a few of the warehouse technologies that are paving the way for a new set of transportation winners and losers.

  • Fleet Management

    Your company won't advance if your drivers aren't operating on the road. Through vehicle tracking and real-time monitoring via voice and data connections, our fleet management solutions assist you in managing your assets while they are in motion.Utilize your mobile devices' integrated voice and data communication features to stay in touch with your drivers. These tough, purpose-built goods are made to withstand the trip. Real-time asset tracking and telematic vehicle monitoring will give you visibility into the whereabouts and condition of your assets, helping you to decrease downtime and boost productivity.

  • Warehouse Management

    With DigiTrends warehouse management systems, you may gain a competitive edge and speed up delivery, helping to pioneer several logistical technological advancements. As key hubs in the supply chain, warehouses are under pressure to keep up with technological advancements in order to meet rising demand. Long into the future, advances in logistics technology will continue to have a notable effect on the entire supply chain landscape. The ability and willingness of warehouse operators to continuously adopt innovative and efficient warehouse capabilities will provide them an advantage in a difficult environment.

  • Logistics Analytics

    It doesn't have to be difficult to obtain the data you require for a thorough understanding of your logistics processes. To assist you in achieving your KPIs, these reports need to provide you with a comprehensive overview of logistical statistics. Utilize cutting-edge logistics technologies and analytics to uncover relevant information through appropriate reporting. Additionally, we can assist with your logistics analytics if you require it. With DigiTrends make tracking your logistics data a breeze. We not only recognize that everyone has distinct needs and provide tailored solutions, but you also have the choice of receiving as much or as little support from us as you choose.

  • Support & Maintenance

    We provide automotive firms with round-the-clock maintenance and support services by conducting routine cybersecurity assessments that assist in resolving any security issues. We may also execute system performance optimization analyses to ensure our custom software is operating at its best.We aim to assist you in maintaining the efficiency of your business. To save you time from having to search for the correct person, we provide a single point of contact for all support issues. Our support team has received training and certification in the hardware, software, and accessories we sell to provide you with the best assistance possible. Until we develop a solution, we follow up and follow through.


Everything You Need To Know About Automotive Software Development

Check out answers to the frequently asked question about DigiTrends custom automotive solutions development to determine if we can be of any service to you.

Automotive software solutions are a wide-ranging category of tools and applications. It is used by auto manufacturers, auto sales, auto repair, and auto rental businesses. Automotive ERP software enhances the manufacturing process for automobiles.

Automotive software developers are responsible for the design and development of software systems using in-car technology. They control the functions of cars, support, and assist the driver, and realize systems for information and entertainment.

More software developers will keep entering the industry to address these issues as software's role in the manufacturing of automobiles grows. Although it's typical for those in the industry to have a deeper understanding of hardware than the average developer, they don't necessarily need any prior expertise in the automotive field to be successful there. The majority of industries require on-the-job training, including business. Positivity toward lifelong learning is the most crucial element.

The automotive software development process can be complex and time-consuming, which is why it is important to use the right software development tools and follow best practices for automotive software development. By doing so, you are able to ensure secure, reliable, and standards-compliant automotive software.

Software quality metrics help you better understand how reliable, safe, and secure your automotive software is likely to be. By using the right software quality metrics, you can improve your overall automotive software quality. But, knowing which software quality metrics will have the most significant impact on your automotive software and how to best measure those metrics can be difficult. Connect with us today to learn more about automotive software quality metrics.