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We are committed to optimizing online education and further enriching the learning process. DigiTrends has years of experience and a successful track record of consistently delivering excellence and providing users with an exquisite experience. When you hire our expert education app developers, you don't have to worry about seizing your students' interest.

Our Services & Solutions

Our Exceptional E-learning Software Services

Being the leading education app development company, we offer exceptional e-learning educational software solutions to schools, teachers, tech companies, startups, and students to empower them with a great learning experience!

Custom Educational Software Solutions

Our educational software solutions help your business achieve its objectives and meet its needs. We have years of experience developing and providing solutions of any kind and complexity, including educational software solutions. As a leading e-learning app development company, we provide exceptional custom educational software solutions by researching and understanding the user's requirements.

Software Revamping

Our software revamping promotes acquiring upgraded versions of an existing system by using pre-existing software components to protect the inherent frameworks in the system that is being maintained. Being a top-tier educational app development company, we are committed to adhering to the most current EdTech standards for compatibility, safety, and accessibility.

Third-party Integration

Our third-party interface will help educational institutions and providers of school software. Therefore, as top education app developers, we are keen on integrating custom-built software with existing educational settings, e-learning platforms, and technological tools.

Digitizing Traditional Processes

As the leading educational software solutions provider, we believe digitization is the new norm and successfully reshaping businesses. This significant technological shift has made it feasible to learn via educational apps on digital platforms. Looking for a fresh approach to learning? Hire our professional education app developers to experience innovation in the education sector.

Educational Software Solutions

Providing stellar educational software solutions

As a leading education app development company and educational software solutions provider, we believe in delivering excellence by transforming the educational sector. We are committed to revolutionizing the academic field to achieve greatness. We believe that innovation makes teaching and learning more fascinating and efficient. Our competent educational app developers are experts in creating ground-breaking e-learning applications that have become well-known and convenient for educational institutions as they include relevant learning academic content. Here's how our team of skilled educational app developers enhances workflow and transforms the learning experience by making it more pleasant and efficient!

EdTech Software Integrations

We implement EdTech Software Integrations

DigiTrends employs the finest tools and integrations for both new and existing LMS platforms for LMS software to function more effectively. Therefore, as a leading provider of educational app development services, our LMS software seamlessly integrates with other platforms and provides customers with an exceptional user experience.

Standards & Regulations

Wondering about the educational standards and regulations we adhere to?

Higher education institutions are gathering more data to improve student services and the educational process. However, at the same time, new data protection regulations have been implemented globally to strengthen people's right to privacy in today's data-driven environment. As a top provider of educational software solutions, DigiTrends adheres to significantly stronger data privacy laws and recognizes the value of regulatory compliance and data security.

Technical Standards

Technical standards can reduce the cost and complexity of operating information systems. They enable communication regarding critical processes, techniques, formats, and methodologies reflecting market requirements.

  • Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)
  • Experience API (xAPI)
  • AICC
Data Protection And Compliance

Data security is an essential consideration for institutions of higher education. Colleges and universities are easy targets for cybercriminals. Therefore, DigiTrends strives to offer excellent data safety and security for your educational software solutions as a top provider of educational app development services.

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • CCPA
Accessibility Standards

Being the leading education app development company and educational software solutions provider, DigiTrends incorporates significant accessibility standards: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • WCAG
  • Section 508
Why choose us

What makes DigiTrends an outstanding education app development company?

As a top provider of education app development services, we have years of experience working with the technologies most frequently used in education app development, including cross-platform, big data, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. Our expert education app developers are keen on revolutionizing the educational sector by delivering excellence and providing users with a seamless experience. At DigiTrends, our passionate education app developers stand out from the competition with our superior offerings.
Still, wondering what makes us stand out among all?

Providing Stellar Educational Software Solutions

The current Covid pandemic and rising digitization have made education software solutions one of the mainstream trends. Our skilled education app developers are committed to providing excellence by carefully listening to your requirements and thus materializing your ideas.

Compliance With The Highest Security Standards

DigiTrends employs tried-and-true, top-of-the-line security best practices that correspond to or are cited in other frameworks and standards. Our exceptional education app developers ensure that we deliver educational solutions that adhere to the most current industry standards in virtual learning.

Quality Assurance

DigiTrends, the industry's top education app development services provider, strives to provide the best possible educational applications and has no problem making them available in beta form to ensure that the final result is error-free.

Continuous Technological Advancements

Our expert education app developers are committed to keeping up with the most recent advancements in educational standards as they are passionate about transforming the academic industry. At DigiTrends, we use cutting-edge methods and tools to create innovations that meet the demands and objectives of our client’s businesses.

Exceptional Eechnological Competence

Having trouble deciding where to start? If you want to see your ideas come to life, look no further! Our exceptional educational app developers assist organizations in selecting the right educational software solution for a specific eLearning scenario and provide architectural guidance, enabling them to meet the project's objectives perfectly


Everything You Need To Know About Education App Development

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Education App development that may help you decide and provide further information.

An education app is a digital, mobile, or desktop application that allows users to learn new skills. Typically, educational apps offer a mix of books, lectures, exams, quizzes, assignments, and assessment tools. Khan Academy, Coursera, TED Education, and Duolingo are well-known education-related apps.

The development of educational apps depends on several characteristics and features. As a result, it is hard to provide an exact figure for the cost of developing an educational app. You can, however, contact our experts to book a free consultation and receive a price estimate.

Once you have a concept, you may talk with us about it and receive a free consultation from one of our experienced team members. We will make recommendations about where to start. When you employ our top education app developers, we will begin with a thorough discussion of the requirements for your project and continue as needed.

The education app’s stage during development and other factors affect how long it typically takes. Time differences could result from the product's complexity, the final model's validation, and other variables. The precise timeframe largely depends on how complex your application is. Generally speaking, customized, highly specialized designs, specialized functionality, or unconventional release platforms will take longer.