DigiTrends Is the leading Custom Web Design Service Provider in USA

Our custom web design service speak for itself. Our Web Developing Services helps you to stay apace with the digitalized world. Whether you are a multinational organization or a recent startup, may it be a small screen or a big, DigiTrends caters all.

Our Features

Speciality of DigiTrends Web Development Services

We believe in providing businesses with a reliable digital presence that meets their requirements. Here are some features we ensure our web design package includes:


Custom Web Design Services

Your customers will be reminded of the value you provide for them by visiting a well-designed website, which will also raise brand awareness and increase sales. Additionally, as we've recently observed, it will provide customers with a way to interact with your company even when your storefront is closed. As one of the leading digital marketing firms in the US, we offer services and products that can help any business go digital and flourish in the era of screens and other electronic devices. We support the change management and success of your company.

  • WordPress Development

    Build custom and specialized WordPress websites with our talented WordPress experts. Our Developers go beyond their limit to enhance the general WordPress template to build a custom website for clients with unique plugins and elements. Don’t risk having a generic website, get into the competition and ace it with DigiTrends.

  • Website Analysis

    Our experts conduct detailed analysis of your website and collect comprehensive data to build a results-driven custom website design which increases your organic traffic and positive ROI. For this purpose our custom web designers perform analysis, evaluates the consistency and accuracy of the client’s page content which results in a website that serves the target audience exceptionally.

  • Logo Design

    The mapping user flow is a vital MVP stage therefore, we design app in a way that is convenient for users. In addition, user flow is important because it ensures nothing will be missed while keeping future product and user satisfaction in mind.
    Defining the user flow is necessary to determine the process stages. It is essential to explain the steps needed to reach the main objective. The focus should be on basic tasks such as finding and buying the product or managing and receiving orders rather than features.

  • Video Production

    An introductory video at any websites homepage speaks volume of its professionalism and quality videos keep audiences interested irrespective of the niche, service or product. Avail our custom website design services which includes motion graphic designs and videography and attract organic web traffic effectively.

  • Content Creation

    Good website structure lays the all-important foundation for SEO measures. Even if your other SEO efforts are stellar for instance, use keywords appropriately, add informational content, and so on. Those efforts won’t deliver the benefits they would if your site’s structure isn’t solid. Our content specialists create original, SEO-optimized web copies to entice visitors to read and share your content.

  • eCommerce Web Design

    Inaugurate your online shop with custom ecommerce website design in which we ensure features like simplified navigations, high-resolution images, compelling descriptions and unique selling points (USPs). We ensure that our custom website design is developed with your needs and budget in mind.

  • Website Hosting

    With our custom web design services, develop and upscale your digital presence as we ensure site security along with improved SEO. DigiTrends offer advanced customer support and easy communication between our design teams and clients for customer satisfaction.

  • ADA Compliant Web Design

    Our ADA web compliant web designs help people access websites easily, no matter their physical or cognitive abilities. To ensure that our software smoothly withstands any functionality updates, we also provide post-launch support services. We also enable keyboard navigation to cater to users with limited mobility.

  • Content Management System (CMS) Integration

    Streamline your website with CMS capable custom website design and leverage plugins and advanced language technologies to manage your multilingual sites. We keep your content flexible and create custom eCommerce web design with reusable patterns and components.

  • Responsive Web Design

    Slow website speeds can adversely impact the Google ranking of any websites. Additionally, over 80% of online users who experience slow website performance never return to the website ever again. To boost your website and keep it safe from an increased bounce rate our team utilizes the help of scalable vector graphics (SVGs), standardize clickable areas and buttons, place responsive images and maximize device features.

  • Website Maintenance

    Keeping a website well maintained and attractive is important to companies big and small in order to engage and retain customers. However with the help of our custom web design team professionals keep your website malware. Our team performs user testing and site backups, checks security updates, fixes any broken link, eliminates unnecessary form fields and conducts timely tests.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    Our teams sets their goal to ensure top google rank for your websites because of which they focus on driving high-quality traffic to your website. Our custom web design and development experts create compelling content, optimize your images, implement and test various calls-to-action (CTAs) and simplify your site’s registration and checkout processes.

our expertise

How We Determine Which Web Design Is Right For You?

We ensure your target customers find and navigate your website with ease. When businesses invest for a responsive, well-designed and informative website it improves their brand’s profitability and success.
By choosing custom website design packages, you build a website around your specific customer journey and brand messaging. Our clients can choose from a pre-made and designed website template or choose to custom web design as per their requirements.

our process

How our Designer Develop Top Ranking Custom Website Design

Here’s a walk through the different stages of our custom web design and development process:

Goal and Scope
  • Identify end goal of website design
  • Questions to explore and answer in this stage of the design and website development process
  • Provide invaluable reference for both designers and clients
  • Focus on the task and goals at hand
Sitemap and
Wireframe Creation
  • Start digging into the sitemap
  • Defining how the content and features will be explained
  • Provide a framework for storing the site’s visual design and content elements
  • Identify potential challenges and gaps with the sitemap
Content And Visual
Element Integration
  • Creating well-defined content for the individual pages
  • Develop content while keeping SEO in mind
  • Work on the visual brand
  • Utilize tools like moodboards, and element collages
Test And Launch
  • Run variety of tests e.g., click test, or A/B
  • Collect real-time feedback and information and iterate on the design and construction.
  • When everything is aligned, deploy
  • Address and monitor bug or unexpected behavior now that your site is live.

We Partnered With Global Multinationals, Fortune 500 Companies, Enterprises, And Startups

Over the decade, DigiTrends has partnered up with global multinationals, Fortune 500 companies, enterprises, and startups. With our perfect aggregate of extensive digital strategies, effective communication, and tactical execution, we have digitally transformed many businesses. Here are some of our highly acclaimed products.

transform your business

Tailor Custom Website Design and Turn Your Buisness into a Brand

All business needs an online presence and DigiTrends assists your business in not only establishing a stable website but helps you stand out from the competition and make it brand advertising with exquisite web design. DigiTrends is widely known to provide exceptional Custom Web Design Services by the help of their skilled and experienced custom website designers that maximize your website’s online potential and facilitate a better customer experience.
DigiTrends is the platform where you can enrich your ideas and turn them into modern web designs. Be it a customized design, that needs Asp.net or PHP to meet the ends, we have experts that you web design development ideas into reality. Here’s how we do it:

Describe Your Idea

Make up your mind and relay your idea to our skilled website designers. Our interactive creative brief makes it simple to describe your design needs and set your budget.

Developing Various Web Designs

Our professional designers develop different samples or template based on your described idea. You’ll collaborate and give feedback at every step of the way to create the ideal web design.

Choose Your Web Design

Choose and finalize your selected design, have it developed with our talented app developer and give your buisness a sharp and positive boost.


Everything You Need To Know About Our Custom Web Design Services

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about DigiTrends Custom Web Design Services which can aid you in understanding our work better.

Custom Web Design Is The Process Of Creating Customized Websites Based On The Needs And Desires Of A Customer, Developed By Programmers, And Web Designers. Many Sites On The Internet Are Created Through The Use Of Templates And Result In Similar Website. That’s Where We Come In With Are Skilled Custom Web Designers And Developer.

Our team of in-house experts can create a professional website design for you starting at $500 to $3,000 or more.

Most website projects are fully completed and launched within just 4 weeks! Larger or more complicated websites can sometimes take more time. Our project managers will work directly with you to set timelines and launch goals. Rush projects are also possible, so if you're in a hurry to get your new website live ASAP, just let us know!

Put simply, a good website design has to succeed in both form and function. It needs to be visually pleasing and easy to navigate. When a visitor comes to your website, they should be able to clearly see what your business is all about. Good websites have three things in common: They are functional, attractive, and useful and DigiTrends develops just the exceptional and top tiered custom designed website for their clients.