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E-Commerce development services

DigiTrends guarantees exceptional user experience by offering top-notch Ecommerce development services. DigiTrends has years of expertise in E-commerce website development and an established track record of delivering excellence. By assisting E-commerce businesses to build their revenue and expanding their customer reach with the ideal blend of digital visibility, and exceptional solutions, our skilled e commerce developers help organizations in more significant user engagement and retention. So, what are you waiting for?

Services & Solutions

Providing outstanding E-commerce solutions per your business's requirements

DigiTrends offers excellent custom e commerce solutions, allowing you to organize your products in one location and efficiently manage your business. Don’t worry if you are an emerging startup or established company; we have your back! Being the leading Ecommerce development company, we offer exceptional custom E-Commerce solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Create your online store by hiring our exceptional ecommerce website developers.

Virtual E-Commerce Stores

As a leading Ecommerce Website Design & Development Services provider, our qualified ecommerce developers can assist you in growing your company. DigiTrends develops your virtual E-Commerce store by ensuring a more seamless process from beginning to end and by managing custom E-Commerce platforms of varying complexity and in numerous domains, including those specialized in consumer or capital goods, delivery service, content distribution, etc.,

B2C E-Commerce Development Services

Being the leading custom e commerce solutions provider, our B2C e commerce website solutions are more than simply an online shopping cart and digital E-Commerce platform; they are a powerful and versatile marketing, administration, and transaction processing resource that can be customized to meet your business's specific requirements. Our expert ecommerce website developers assist you in transforming your E-Commerce website from a primary order-taking platform into a creative, user-friendly transformation powerhouse that can offer a seamless, customized E-Commerce experience to all your business clients across all digital channels. We also provide multilingual and multi-currency marketplaces as the best method for smooth interaction between vendors and their customers.

B2B E-Commerce Development Services

We have years of experience developing high-quality B2B ecommerce web solutions, which help you get started on your digital transformation and gain an advantage over competitors. At DigiTrends, we have a competent team of B2B ecommerce website developers and ecommerce programmers who are experienced with the best platforms, such as Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, Drupal, WooCommerce, and other systems. Don't worry if you don't know where to begin; we have got you covered! We offer a free consultation to review your company's unique selling procedures and operating model. We then recommend the best B2B ecommerce web solutions and platforms to fulfil your requirements.

Auction & Bidding E-Commerce Platforms

As a leading pioneer of Ecommerce development services, we aid E-Commerce firms in setting up online auctions and improving the experience with the auction and bidding E-Commerce platforms. So, if you want to develop an auction website similar to eBay or eBid, hire our competent ecommerce developers. We have created numerous unique auction ecommerce web solutions, apps, and E-Commerce platforms. You can build a completely functional E-Commerce platform with the appropriate characteristics to meet your requirements using our top-notch online auction Ecommerce web development services.

E-Commerce Aggregators

As the leading Ecommerce website design & development services provider, our tremendous resources and years of experience in creating E-Commerce aggregator platforms enable businesses to boost their profit margins and broaden their market share, making them more successful than the potential profit of any brand taken individually. To ensure our ecommerce web solution fulfils your business objectives, our exceptional ecommerce developers and ecommerce programmers consider every factor connected to design, functionality, tech stack, privacy, integrations, etc., when creating your ecommerce web design company.

Reservation And Ticketing E-Commerce Solutions

Businesses in the retail, delivery, industrial, and wholesale sectors rely on us to improve customer satisfaction, increase revenues, and reach new client segments by using our wide range of expertise in digital technologies and E-Commerce website development. At DigiTrends, we create and execute intricate websites as part of our E-Commerce website development services to make reservation and ticketing processes easy for consumers in the USA and worldwide. We offer robust online ticketing and reservation ecommerce web solutions with built-in payment gateways as part of our Ecommerce web development services.

Empowering Ecommerce-driven Businesses

DigiTrends empowers E-Commerce-driven businesses

Being the leading Ecommerce development services provider, we are experienced in providing the top custom ecommerce development solutions and E-Commerce website development. To turn your vision of an online store into a reality, we carefully define the scope, gather your needs, and analyze the competitors. Our expert ecommerce website developers ensure that your company has the ideal E-Commerce platform, provides users with a first-rate experience, and ensures a robust online presence by optimizing and organizing your E-Commerce platforms. Our professional e commerce developers and ecommerce programmers elevate the standard of our Ecommerce development services. Here's how we provide you with control over your e-commerce operations

E-Commerce Logistics:

As a leading Ecommerce development services provider, we know that the biggest issue for any ecommerce enterprise is managing logistics because the logistics sector is experiencing innovation and the implementation of technical support due to E-Commerce improvements to meet such high demands. E-commerce logistics necessitates in-depth familiarity with regions, routes, road conditions, and rules governing the transportation of goods. The main goal of setting up a digital logistics unit is to deliver packages considerably more quickly, safely, and precisely. 

E-Commerce Warehouse Management:

Poor E-Commerce warehousing implementation can cost brands money and potentially cause orders to be delayed. Being the leading Ecommerce development company, we ensure that our efficient warehouse management system adheres to the finest E-Commerce warehousing practices to increase revenue and give customers a pleasant shopping experience. Our warehouse management system is a specialized piece of ecommerce software solution that provides businesses with features that optimize an E-Commerce warehouse by giving them real-time visibility into their inventory and product availability while managing and keeping an eye on all aspects of the supply chain, from the producer to the processing facility. Other advantages include inventory prediction to anticipate when your supplies may run out, optimizing the E-Commerce fulfilment process to improve efficiency, and linking your E-Commerce site. 

E-Commerce Inventory Management:

Monitoring the location, quantity, cost, and variety of your ecommerce enterprise’s inventory is all that inventory management in e-commerce entails. The e-commerce component considers an online retailer’s requirements to monitor inventory for several online sales channels. There isn't a single E-Commerce shipping and inventory management solution that works for everyone. Due to its distinct requirements, DigiTrends uses a different approach to keep track of your inventory by browsing over all available alternatives to see which strategy could work best for your business model.

E-Commerce ERP

Our E-Commerce ERP solution gives you several benefits, such as a better online experience, pricing control, access to valuable data, enhanced productivity, and process monitoring.  Therefore, as a top provider of Ecommerce development services, we make sure that your E-Commerce system is seamlessly integrated with our cutting-edge, cloud-based ERP solution so that you can connect your operations, processes, and data to create a successful, productive company. 

E-Commerce Product Information Management (PIM):

Do you require something more advanced to guarantee your customers the best user experience possible? Don’t worry; DigiTrends got your back! Your product information must be precise and accurate across platforms, comprising thorough descriptions and high-quality visuals, to successfully communicate the value of your items to your clients. Our product information management software gathers, organizes, enhances, and disseminates product information through various distribution channels, including your E-Commerce storefront, social media channels, virtual stores, and even online ads, to provide users with an exquisite experience. So, what are you waiting for? Hire our expert ecommerce developers

E-Commerce Payment Processing Software:

As a top Ecommerce web development services provider, DigiTrends makes managing subscriptions and recurring invoicing simple, enabling you to focus on increasing customer satisfaction. Technology, in our opinion, is the secret to the expansion of E-Commerce subscriptions. We maximize loyalty through experimentation, personalization, and by providing the broadest range of purchase options using our e-commerce payment processing software, which makes it possible for your customers to have seamless experiences at key touchpoints like checkout, account management and recurring payments.

E-Commerce Marketing & Sales Management:

Are you looking for the best custom e commerce solutions for your E-Commerce marketing and ecommerce services? If yes, then look no further; we got you covered! Digital E-Commerce marketing is a tried-and-true strategy for increasing brand recognition and product sales for companies like yours. Using cost-effective channels like search, mail, and social to expand your business is possible with DigiTrends' E-Commerce marketing and sales management. To promote your business, DigiTrends employs a variety of E-Commerce marketing tactics like developing personalized landing pages, effective CRM systems, multichannel-marketing campaigns, customer reporting and analytics etc. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

E-Commerce Document Management System:

Our document management system offers a way to store and extract document-based information quickly. It is designed to assist individuals, organizational units, and significant companies in managing their documents that are saved in an electronic form. Our ecommerce services include a document management system that has several essential features, such as verification and encrypting to control concurrent formatting so that no one person's changes are overwritten, version control to track how the current document was created and how it differs from previous versions, roll-back to "invoke" an earlier version in the event of an error, complex cross-system document processes, server-based and cloud DMS, real-time coauthoring etc. So, what are you waiting for? Hire our expert ecommerce developers!

Our Process

Wondering about the advanced
cutting-edge services we offer
to boost your E-Commerce growth?

A comprehensive E-Commerce platform with excellent page performance optimization is a requirement for a thriving E-Commerce business. To win over your users and make speedy sales, you must offer them quality product visuals and a mobile-friendly interface. Being the leading Ecommerce development company, we provide you with an exceptional omnichannel offering that distinguishes you from the other rivals so you can keep one step ahead of the competition. The best way to do it is to deliver an outstanding customer experience through your E-Commerce store and other channels.


E-Commerce Consultation

Our experienced E-Commerce advisors provide a range of services, with a primary focus on E-Commerce store analysis, positioning within business markets, and assisting your E-Commerce stores in achieving their objectives. We also provide consulting services for managing and expanding e-commerce platforms like:

  • Business analysis of forthcoming and current e-commerce solutions.
  • Identifying problem areas in your online store that need improvement.
  • Strategies for enhancing revenue and boosting traffic.
  • Evaluating the performance of your e commerce website solutions from a consumption and management perspective.
  • Providing in-depth knowledge of essential principles of digital marketing, such as SEO, blogging, social marketing, online branding, and other techniques.
  • Selecting the most appropriate ecommerce web solutions to assist you in expanding your market reach or drawing in new customers.
  • Developing an IT-focused e-commerce approach.

E-Commerce Audit Service:

At DigiTrends, we offer comprehensive website audits to identify problems and open up fresh possibilities for elevating your customer service level. Our skilled ecommerce developers provide you with a thorough assessment of your E-Commerce websites to assist you in lining up your stated needs and aims with your actual E-Commerce results. Our E-Commerce auditing services include:

  • Evaluating e-commerce safety, comprising authentication procedures, sensitive data handling, ordering, and payment procedures.
  • Offering the most comprehensive audit range to cover every safety component of an e-commerce system like UX, performance, SEO, security and infrastructure etc.
  • A rapid assessment of the target system like software versions, customizations, integrations, infrastructure architecture etc.
  • Evaluating the stability and performance of the entire E-Commerce system.
  • Evaluation of the provided digital experience.
  • Compliance with coding standards and their effects on websites' performance, privacy, and usability.

E-Commerce Optimization:

E-Commerce optimization is all about making little adjustments to enhance functionality and boost your store’s conversions. But how do you decide what adjustments to make? Don’t worry; we have got your back! Our skilled ecommerce website developers, ecommerce programmers and consultants offer professional guidance and provide practical suggestions to enhance your E-Commerce platforms based on the audit findings. 

  • Security bugs found during the audit can be patched.
  • Adequate security is provided for sensitive company data.
  • There is a complete alignment of your IT capabilities with your business goals.
  • Introducing elements to encourage consumers and boost their trust
  • Modifying the advanced search and filtering features to make it easier to find products and services
  • Improved product and landing pages
  • Revamping your current product to boost user engagement.
Our custom eCommerce expertise

DigiTrends offers stellar customer-centric intelligent

By fusing brand objectives with the tech stack and using Magento, WooCommerce, and M-commerce for specialized custom e commerce solutions, you may completely transform your client experience. With our assistance, explore the potential of E-Commerce for several business types, including B2B, B2C, and C2C. DigiTrends strive to help its clients stay ahead of the competition and provide essential ecommerce services by fusing E-Commerce with leading-edge technologies.

Client Benefit

Wondering how we ensure the durability of your E-Commerce solutions?

Being the leading Ecommerce website design & development services provider, our custom ecommerce platforms and custom ecommerce solutions assist in generating the highest conversion rates for your organization by providing a single location for customers to browse all of your products and their related information and make payments more easily. We provide such custom ecommerce solutions and additional components to support your daily tasks and enable you to fine-tune your ecommerce enterprise completely. Here’s how we ensure the durability of your ecommerce solutions and help transform your business into a brand!

Our team of highly skilled ecommerce developers at DigiTrends can create a range of innovative E -Commerce apps & websites to meet your business’s requirements. This is how we help you to achieve E-Commerce scalability:

  • Reliable performance for high order volumes.
  • Performance can be expanded horizontally with different servers or vertically with more hardware when your E-Commerce store has many visits.
  • Load balancing
  • Our E-Commerce solution has a solid hosting platform that never disappoints you.

The performance of e-commerce websites impacts online shopper behavior and can lead to gaining new audiences or alienating even your most ardent clients. Being a leading Ecommerce development services provider, DigiTrends maintain your custom e commerce solutions’ accuracy and ensure its consistently perfect performance. Here’s how we provide performance stability:

  • Determining the potential effects of user behavior on website performance
  • Auditing your website
  • Preparing test cases like performance tests, load tests, spike tests, capacity tests, etc.
  • We do one-time or recurring performance evaluations to assist you in identifying current and future performance problem areas that may limit the efficiency of your e-commerce system.

As a leading E-commerce website development company, we believe that addressing the principal security vulnerabilities is one of the simplest methods to limit cybersecurity risk, safeguard customer data, and lower possible cybercrime losses. Here are the things we take to improve protection against cyberattacks and protect consumer data.

  • E-commerce security consulting services that strive to match PCI DSS and GDPR standards with your information governance and security practices.
  • Setting up a two-factor authentication system
  • Security assessment using OWASP procedures
  • Assessing plug-ins and third-party integrations

Interested in taking charge of your E-Commerce website? To stay competitive, DigiTrends will assist you in managing your inventory levels, billing, cash flow forecasts, and outstanding E-Commerce management and e-commerce services!

  • With thorough project documentation and standards, we simplify custom e commerce solutions to integrate and successfully manage moving forward to balance their intricacy.
  • Conducting training for IT experts and end users
  • Effectively safeguarding client payments
  • Effective inventory and order management

Transform your business into a brand by utilizing the technology platforms we work with!

Selecting the right E-Commerce platform is one of the most challenging tasks for any ecommerce enterprise. We are competent in providing e commerce enterprise solutions with the appropriate and cost-effective technology stack since we thoroughly understand the top E-Commerce platforms. Being the leading pioneers of Ecommerce development services provider, we are experts in powerful ecommerce development platforms.

SAP Commerce Cloud

With the support of the SAP Commerce Cloud solution, you can tap into enterprise-wide data to innovate at scale and increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

  • Suitable for large online retailers seeking a solid and expandable infrastructure to support their omnichannel strategy.
  • Obtain profitable results by utilizing data-driven insights.
  • Enhance your e-commerce strategy by streamlining operations and lowering risk.
  • Its omnichannel offers a refined customer experience, has pre-installed features and makes it simple for teams to use a cloud-based infrastructure.


One of the major ecommerce development platforms in the United States and expanding everywhere in the world. A platform for E-Commerce that is infinitely adaptable, expandable, and scalable.

  • Suitable for medium-sized and large-scale retailers.
  • Suitable for those seeking sophisticated customization, adaptable out-of-the-box features, and wide-ranging integration skills.
  • Manage numerous sales channels, including B2B and B2C, in one location
  • Versatile content management and mobile-friendly configuration
  • Advanced SEO optimization
  • Customizable security permissions.

Drupal Commerce

Along with managing media and content, Drupal enables you to handle shopping carts, transactions, and products. It offers a wide range of features needed to create an E-Commerce store with excellent performance and functionality.

  • Suitable for small businesses and startups seeking a cost-free, customized tool to enter the E-Commerce world swiftly.
  • Contains all the tools you need to customize your products.
  • Supports a variety of online payment processors and retailers, including WorldPay, PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • Includes comprehensive search interfaces and product pages
  • Create your shipping terms and policies using Drupal Commerce.
  • Drupal Commerce is entirely PCI compliant; it guarantees that the information about your company, customers, or credit or debit cards is well safeguarded.


WooCommerce excels with its straightforward modular design and complete custom plugin and theme economy, and because of its simplicity and adaptability, WooCommerce stands out above all!

  • Suitable for small- to large-scale online retailers using WordPress.
  • Suitable for those seeking to transform their platform into their
    feature-rich digital retail solution.
  • Offer flexible and safe payments
  • Order Management on the Go
  • Numerous Customization Possibilities
  • Provides a highly interactive community
  • Provides maximum security

Everything You Need To Know About Ecommerce Development

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding e-commerce development that may help you decide and provide further information.

An E-Commerce platform is a type of software that allows both the buyer and the supplier to participate and carry out their respective functions. A consumer should be able to browse products on an e-commerce site, add them to their basket, and then check out.

Your specifications for the style and features will determine how much it will cost to construct a new, personalized website or app for your company. The website can be created in various ways, including primary, typical, and customized. After thoroughly understanding your business requirements, you can determine the expenses. However, you can contact our experts to book a free consultation and receive a price estimate.

Usually, 2-3 weeks are needed to complete the building of a standard website. The time required for custom websites can be determined after discussing the project. However, building something from scratch typically takes months.

To design e-commerce websites, we have expertise in Magento E-Commerce, WooCommerce, Drupal commerce and others.