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Being one of the best mobile app development companies, DigiTrends has created a large number of distinct mobile apps that now rule the devices. We are prepared to promptly meet your demands!

Our Exceptional Mobile App Development Services

DigiTrends is a revolutionary mobile app development firm, utilizes strong digitalization by combining a comprehensive approach, strategy, layout, and engineering to enable businesses to scale with reliable apps and user-friendly digital solutions.


Providing High-quality Mobile App Development Services

DigiTrends has a decade of expertise in producing exceptional mobile apps for clients around the world. Our ideas are user-focused and incorporate latest innovations to produce products that fully utilize the hardware and functionality of mobile devices. DigiTrends provides a stellar user experience built on an easy-to-use interface with seamless navigation; we feature apps that make it to the top!


Browse our portfolio of distinct Mobile Apps

Browse the mobile applications portfolios by DigiTrends to find the experienced mobile app developers you need for your projects. As a leading mobile app development company, we work with businesses to turn their concepts into a reality!

Together with Castle NFT, DigiTrends designed this ground-breaking educational quad-chain mobile application.

Now you can enjoy the lively NFT marketplace and learn important industry news with this cutting-edge educational mobile app, all while getting the ability to learn options for smart purchases in an immersion that was previously unthinkable.

“Your mobile lawyer on the move!”

DigiTrends designed "Lawyered Up" as a digital solution to ease access to legal assistance in a world where legal procedures are usually costly, time-consuming, and daunting for people! This application allows you to book lawyers online and read reviews about attorneys and their case records. 

“Making reservations easier!”

Zerve was designed to aid travelers in finding the best features and distinctive characteristics of the nearest hotels. By allowing you to make all your reservations online, "Zerve" has proven to be the best mobile app through which you can look at the time slots and services offered by all the nearby hotels and thus make a reservation as per your requirements. 

“Providing Reward for Your Returns”

Have you ever pondered how simply scanning a QR code will reward you for returning a lost mobile?
DigiTrends gave companies additional ways to add value to their customers by designing “Reward Returns”. As the name implies, the Return & Exchange experience helps businesses to increase sales while also fostering a long-lasting bond with the clients. This app would provide you with information about nearby locations where you can make a return and thus receive rewards!


Coding and QA

Specify your idea and decide whether your product will be specific for a certain operating system i.e. iOS or Android or it will function as a cross-platform AR application. It is important to choose the right AR stack for your development pipeline.


Deploy or Launch

Specify your idea and decide whether your product will be specific for a certain operating system i.e. iOS or Android or it will function as a cross-platform AR application. It is important to choose the right AR stack for your development pipeline.


Why Choose DigiTrends?

DigiTrends’ core goal as a leading mobile app developer is to provide users with all the core, resources, and amenities available on workstations. To move past the prototype phase, our exceptional app designs and a top-tier group of mobile app designers and developers are going to turn your ideas into reality. So, if you have been looking for the best mobile app development company, look no further!


Providing Distinct Mobile App Development Services

As a leading mobile app development company, we created digital solutions for healthcare industries like Medhub, that go beyond simple advertising and provide value by utilizing a customized HCP portal.
Our solutions ensure leading-edge performance, features, and impeccable user experience. We know the alchemy of iOS and Android. Looking for similar digital solutions? Contact us for more information!

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Tech Stack

Mobile App Development- Technology Stack

To ensure that your mobile application dominates the devices and tops the charts, our skilled mobile app developers stay current with the latest technology and innovations.





Java is a robust and secure programming language that makes it possible to build reliable, high-performing and efficient applications.


Programming with Kotlin, a cross-platform, statically typed language, is quick and effective, and the code’s quality is also enhanced. The versatility of Kotlin is another major feature.

Java Script

Enhance your mobile app's presence by utilizing back-end technologies that work with front-end frameworks and provide you with useful resources and tools.

Alamo Fire

Alamofire makes it simple for developers to integrate APIs into apps, which makes the process much more intuitive and efficient.

Fire Base

Firebase is built on the BaaS model and offers various valuable services and useful APIs. It provides efficient database management protocols, simple cloud storage connection etc. 


Fast-forward MPEG, sometimes known as FFmpeg, is an open and free multimedia framework that can play nearly all multimedia files and decode, encode, convert, mux, and demux them.


Apple's CoreData technology enables the administration of model layer items within an application. It is a widely used database structure that offers automated and all-encompassing answers to typical problems.


We provide outstanding mobile and web development services that help all businesses and startups reinvent their industries with cutting-edge digital solutions. We have expertise in “room database”, which enables businesses to increase their general productivity.


An open-source database management system created for mobile operating systems.  Realm Database is a mobile object database designed for offline use that allows you to directly access and store real objects without using an ORM.


SQLite is a robust and adaptable RDBMS, and through the use of the SQLite database, we assist clients in expanding their businesses and moving their activities online.


Redux is a state management database that allows programs to function reliably in various settings. Our skilled engineers are proficient in Redux, which helps our clients comprehend how information travels in an app and other things.

Our Process

Our Mobile App Development Process

Our process includes eight stages as the top Mobile App Development Company to give our users the greatest possible experience. Let our apps define your success!


Ideation And Budgeting

  • In-depth discussion of your project

  • Free consultation with our expert team

  • Project budget and estimation

  • Statement of work


Project Analysis And Forecasting

Identifying competitors
Estimated timeline for project completion


NDA For Mobile App Development

Covering legislative requirements
Outcomes for the project


Mobile App Wireframe Design

Analyzing your mobile app concept to develop a wireframe of the necessary aspects


UI/UX Design For Your Mobile App Development

Customizing the mobile application to your preferences and interests.


QA Testing

QA tests to check for bugs, problems, game's functionality, security, interoperability etc.



Time for turning your ideas into reality!


Maintenance & Support

  • Post-Launch Support and deployments of new features.

  • Enhancements to current ones.

  • Application of any design modifications.


Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Applications

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding creating mobile apps that may help you decide and provide further information.

The expense associated with app development can fluctuate significantly, primarily contingent upon the app's scope and intricacy. Development costs can range from as low as $5,000 for simpler apps to well over $1 million for more intricate and feature-rich applications. Naturally, the complexity and abundance of features directly correlate with the development expenses.

Get a free consultation from our skilled professionals and tell us about your ideas. We will give you advice on where to start. A thorough discussion of your project requirements will be the first step when you hire our top app developers, after which we may go further as necessary. 

The average amount of time it takes to develop a mobile app depends on the stage it is in as well as other variables. The intricacy of the product, the final model validation, and other factors may cause differences in time; nonetheless, the typical timeframe spans from 3 to 12+ months.