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Turning ideas into reality, with our top-rated, custom-made, native, and cross-platform mobile gaming apps. DigiTrends is the leading mobile game development company, and can be your Top Notch, a one-stop shop for all Mobile Game Development providing you with the best user experience!

Why choose DigiTrends

What makes DigiTrends the best mobile app games developer?

As the leading mobile game development company around the world, DigiTrends utilizes less time troubleshooting with the help of robust test automation and surveillance solutions. We have created a staggering variety of extremely captivating games. We develop games that instantly become user preferences. We welcome you to materialize your ideas through DigiTrends!

Work with our exceptional mobile game app developers to redefine the gaming world and user experience. To ensure that our customers are thrilled and delighted with the final concept creation, we are committed to providing great customer service and always go beyond what is required.


Building mobile game designs and applications for all platforms, devices, and display sizes.

We have designed a wide range of mobile games using distinct digital advances, including AR/VR, streaming games, and others.

We build games that run well across a range of devices. At DigiTrends, we routinely surpass expectations since we have a plethora of topic knowledge and are competent mobile game developers.

  • iOS Mobile Game Developers:

    We develop games by using cutting-edge technologies, like UIKit, Xcode, iOS graphics APIs, etc. to cater to a specific user base and create the best iOS games for both mobile and Apple TV that conquer the AppStore.

  • Android Mobile Game Developers

    As DigiTrends employs a versatile and trustworthy technological platform for your Android mobile game development, both on your mobile device and Android TV, your vision will become a reality.

  • Cross-Platform Game Developers

    DigiTrends has years of experience working with cross platforms and integrating the top game engines to provide you with the best user experience

  • AR/VR Game Developers

    DigiTrends is keen on putting the technological revolution on your wrist by developing such AR/VR games that work with iOS, Android, and other operating systems


The in-game aesthetics and speed are powerful enough to simulate the actual world.

Our in-game graphics are of the highest caliber, with incredibly intricate characters and soundtracks to provide our consumers with the finest experience possible for both iOS game development and Android game development.

DigiTrends aspires to provide you with the lowest ping rates possible so that users do not experience any glitches. For this reason, as a leading mobile game development company, we make sure to apply the latest technological advancements

Our Process

Our Moile Game
Development process

Being the leading Mobile Game Development company, our process involves eight steps to provide our users with an amazing experience


Ideation & Cost Estimation

Your ideas are where our mobile game development process begins! Before giving you a project estimate and pricing, we thoroughly discuss your project with one of our experts. An active development phase starts after a statement of work is developed and the budget is approved.


Choosing A Game Engine

Your game is produced using backend technology and a game development engine per your requirements. We choose the best option for your game engine based on the specifications of your game.


Game Language & Tools

We work with several operating systems, game languages & tools and select the finest options based on your requirements.


Designing & Concept Art

We begin the project's gameplay design phase concurrently with its concept art. We provide such expertise in game design that it can be your greatest advantage over competitors and help your game dominate platforms and the charts.


Game Art Assets

Based on the client’s chosen concept art, this step includes generating various game art assets, such as cinematic cutscenes, Ui components, backdrops, and many others.


Active Development

Our skilled engineers and developers start building the game within the provided platform after the graphics workflow is operational and the concept and design of the game are complete.


QA Testing

Our QA testing ensures the game can be played and won't crash. We run QA tests to check for bugs and problems with the game's functionality, security, interoperability, translation problems, etc. 


Launch & Post-production Support

When active development and quality assurance testing are concluded, we deliver your game to the distribution platforms of your choice. Our professionals work with you to create a thorough listing and carry out ASO. 


Best game development tools

DigiTrends is one of the top mobile game developing company because of its holistic framework, robust scene editor, and comprehensive dynamics technology. To create successful games using a simplified game design approach, we employ some of the most well-liked mobile game production platforms. Our animation, aesthetics, levels, and gameplay are frequently developed using a robust mobile game engine and a game design tool.

  • Unity Game Development

    DigiTrends can create top-rated mobile games with Unity which will receive numerous awards. Our team of Unity tech leads, professional developers, and designers have a variety of skill sets. So, what are you waiting for? Hire game developers from DigiTrends to turn your dreams into a reality!

  • HTML5

    With the introduction of various cutting-edge capabilities in HTML5, such as 2D and 3D visuals, high-quality sound APIs, and offline resource-saving, leading game developers like us are now able to create engaging, multiplayer experiences.

  • 2D & 3D Game Development

    You provide us with the project concept, and as your leading mobile game development company, we will turn it into a reality as our expert team has years of experience creating 2D and 3D games.


Game App Budgeting

When it comes to choosing a mobile platform, Android and iOS are the most likely choices. Perhaps the most crucial aspect of determining the cost, visibility, and revenue for building a game app is selecting the appropriate platform, however, you can hire our mobile game developers with confidence knowing that you will receive the most enjoyable game apps without spending a fortune and this is what makes us the leading mobile game development company! Today, mobile gaming makes up approximately 50% of the global gaming market, and this pattern is anticipated to continue. Do you require a price quote for your app?


Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Game Development

Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you decide and give you additional information about mobile game development.

Based On Estimation, AR App Development Cost For Android Could Be Ranged From $2000 – $2, 00,000 While An AR App On Ios Can Range From $2,500 – $2, 00,000. However The Final Cost Depends On Factors Like Factors, Such As Features And Functionalities, Types Of The AR App, And The App’s Complexity.

Once you have an idea, you can get a free consultation from one of our experienced people and discuss your thoughts with us. We will offer suggestions for a place to start. When you hire our best mobile game developers, we'll start with a detailed discussion of your project's needs and move on as necessary.

Several aspects, such as the type of website page, design complexity, functionality, and so on, influence how much web development costs. You can, however, contact our experts to book a free consultation and receive a price estimate.

C# or C-Sharp is a more flexible programming language than C++ and serves as an alternative to C++. This video game scripting language is a default language of a popular and leading game engine called Unity 3D. In 2021, Unity was the most preferred game engine.

Game development usually consists of 7 main stages. They are: developing a game design document, pre-production, production, testing, pre-launch, launch, and post-production.