Samad Saleem – The Man Who Pioneered Industry-Oriented Digital Business Transformation

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To fully use technology to benefit global businesses and increase the implementation of digitization in the business world, an enthusiastic group of IT-driven professionals laid the foundation of DigiTrends – a leading full-stack digital product development company. Let’s glance at its successful journey story in the words of Mr. Samad Saleem – the CEO and Founder of DigiTrends.

DigiTrends is a Silicon Valley startup founded in 2010 in Delaware, the USA, as a creative digital solution provider to startups, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, real estate, and other enterprises from different sectors. The company has worked with over 600 brands, numerous startups, and Fortune 500 companies.

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GoodFirms – one of the leading global research services providers- interviewed Mr. Samad Saleem, the CEO and Founder of DigiTrends, and documented it to share their successful journey to inspire others.

DigiTrends’s Inception

Saleem initiates the interview by talking about how DigiTrends was initiated. He said they always wanted to contribute to the successful transformation of businesses in the industry using technology advancements. Despite witnessing challenging situations, they took the initiative and brought the concept of digital innovation into context. Thus, DigiTrends was founded to become a leading comprehensive digital service supplier.

As a CEO, Saleem Samad responsibly leads the team of experts and ensures they provide top-class digital solutions to their clients. They started with a group of 3 to 4 people, and today, DigiTrends has fully grown into a reliable and potential organization employing world-class in-house talents. The in-house business model of the company enables them to meet all the client requirements related to software development, content creation, and UI/UX designing.

“We believe in providing the highest customer satisfaction, and our clients’ trust has driven our growth and success. We are committed to excellence in everything we do and take pride in our contribution to the digital transformation of multiple industries.”

• Samad Saleem, CEO of DigiTrends

How is DigiTrends Different from Others in the Market?

Mr. CEO refers to themselves as a 360-degree digital solutions provider. He is well versed in providing a vast range of services, from website development, mobile application development to digital marketing. They use agile methodology to quickly and efficiently develop software products, and their approach toward serving their customers sets them apart from the competition. Hence, they are ranked as the top wearable app development company and game development company in the USA.

He claims that the company has always successfully transformed its client businesses, putting forward its passion for innovation and determination to facilitate clients from diverse sectors such as retail, healthcare, automotive, finance, and education. Their exemplary solutions have satisfied global customers, i.e., from the United States, the UAE, Pakistan, and so on.

Services Offered, and Industries Served

From custom web development, AR and VR development, and e-commerce development to progressive web apps, MVP development, enterprise development, mobile app development, and CMS software development, the company constantly strives to stay ahead of the competition and provide proven solutions. They always serve with a positive-thinking mindset and help their client companies acquire the most sustainable future utilizing digital transformation practices. Some prominent market players from e-commerce firms, healthcare organizations, pharmaceuticals, and mutual funds companies are among their promising clients.

The best thing is that DigiTrends secures 85% of the repetitive client rate, which is the foremost reason behind the trust and satisfaction building among its clients. The company aims to develop strong and lasting relationships and is committed to delivering value and support for the growth and success of its customers.

Customer Retention and Support System

Mr. CEO claims that their digital products have satisfied many customers across the globe, which, fortunately, lets them secure 75% of the customer retention rate. He adds that they prioritize customer satisfaction at DigiTrends and make alterations based on the constructive feedback received from their customers to improve their work.

Positive customer reviews better describe what the company can do for its customers; the feedback received speaks for itself. The clients’ trust is the key factor behind the success and progress of the company.

The company’s customer support representatives are easily reachable through phone, email, or chat systems to resolve customers’ queries and concerns. The technical support team addresses all customers’ technical issues promptly.

Payment Structure

The company follows a pay-per-milestone payment model where the clients agree on achieving a specific milestone or goal, and the payment is made accordingly instead of making the entire project’s payment at once. DigiTrends acquired this model as big projects, or the need to perform the client projects successfully brought them into segments and the most achievable goals.

The average hourly rate set by the company for the basic budget for a project ranges between $30 to $55. Before starting a new project, the company researches the operational project costing and rates prevailing in the market. In 2022, the company undertook an esteemed international project valued at $50,000 to $200,000.

Future Prospects

Mr. CEO affirms that he is damn sure of the company’s bright future. He said the company will continue leading the industry in the digital transformation arena in the future, and the unmatched knowledge, streamlined processes & operations, and enhanced customer experiences will contribute towards the company’s success.

Here concludes Samad Saleem’s interview with GoodFirms. The detailed interview can be found on the company’s GoodFirms profile page.

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