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We created a MedHub solution to strengthen the Pharma-physician relationship giving them an HCP portal that also supports quick access to the clients.

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Ace Marathon

Ace marathon is a solution that helps sales representatives log in to their account, initiate a game, connect doctors on their phones through a code

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Social Awareness Campaign

A solution that covers all social media and other digital aspects to minimize all the distractions and attract people to recognize the importance of the pneumonia vaccine and register for it.

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Interactive Patient Simulation

ER patients require quick attention from the doctors, and there is no margin of error.This system helps RMOs and DPs to perform their duties without any errors.

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Pakistan Bait-ul-maal

we were able to offer the high-tech process for Government's Bait-ul-Maal automation with the support of Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

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