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Real Estate

Real Estate Automating real estate processes - Swipe, choose, scroll and decide

Real estate agents usually have a tough time getting information about different properties at once. An app in hand can help you make a quick decision. Considering that most professionals love the convenience of dealing on the phones, the app with amazing modules and features can be a great deal for managing multiple clients or agents at a time. DigiTrends have helped numerous real estate business owners by creating high-tech applications for their businesses.

Real Estate

Be Aware Of All The Risks About The Properties You Choose To Sell, Buy or Rent

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Better analytics

Analytical data helps with more informed decisions, and our apps with the functionality to gather precise information make it more thoughtful for the agents and individual buyers.

Commitment to automation

Automation gives you time to relax while you receive notifications for the requirements about properties. Get in touch with agents, know the hottest properties, reach out for more clients, get a deal in a simple way.

  • Custom Real Estate system

    Bring the best of your ideas to discuss with the team for expert opinion along with the profitability and revenue margin.

  • Booking system

    DigiTrends has staff equipped with the latest tools and has expertise in technologies like .net, react-native, and a lot more to give you a feasible booking system.

  • E-commerce solution

    Easy transactions and secure payment gateways make it convenient for any agent or individual to have a deal even when they are away.

  • Customer Management system

    Automate a variety of daily tasks to boost sales team efficiency and encourage them to sell more homes.

  • Inventory management system

    Our inventory management system provides sales capability to track properties using a database of essential information, ranging from local real estate marketing to global online sales automation.

  • Property management solutions

    You can automate manual operations, save time, and enhance productivity for your company with the help of our property management solutions.

Development process

Being among the top mobile app development companies, Digitrends guarantees intuitive mobile apps that are performance-oriented and a lifestyle toolkit.

We convert untapped ideas into mobile apps!

Designing High-Tech Solutions To Get You On The Path Of Success And Growth

Our team assists Real Estate professionals in adopting a digital-first strategy that focuses on giving educated insights and clear answers to their clients while fostering stronger relationships. We'll work with you to make a commitment to automation and service quality, resulting in more client loyalty and happiness.

  • User-friendly portals

    Integrate media, get rid of too many third-party apps and have one solution for all. Multiple payment channels, secure transactions, always updated information, and new properties are never far away.

  • Virtual tours to the properties

    With technologies like Artificial intelligence and Augmented reality, you can now see or offer virtual tours to the properties as well.

  • Consultation

    Our apps allow agents to offer consultation and advice services too. Get your concerned party or client to stay in touch through chat and video call to discuss any concerns about the property.

  • Easy tracking

    Easy tracking ability helps agents to track the properties as they integrate third-party databases. Collect all the relevant information at one place from anywhere around the world.

  • Reduction of manual process and cost

    Automation gives you a major advantage of reducing the cost. Apps by DigiTrends minimize the effort of labor by offering automated email, payment, and tracking systems.

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