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Automotive Time to think beyond the existing digital solutions of the automotive industry

The auto industry is not behind when it comes to tech-based solutions. DigiTrends believe that it's time to go beyond the existing solutions and experiences. We work on the challenges that make us offer unique and brilliantly developed solutions for the automotive industry. Our team is based on creative and passionate people who are expert coders and creators of amazing artificial intelligence or any digital solutions needed. We proudly have served many automotive clients as you can see the number below.


Innovative and Comprehensive Solutions Ranging from Vehicle Communication Systems to Parking Systems

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In-Vehicle Systems

Building the system to facilitate drivers as much as possible. Our IVIS systems provide real-time data to keep you safe while you are on the road.

Digital Key Solutions

Digital keys can be an ultimate alternative to getting rid of forgetting your keys often. Get a safe solution and always offer value to your customers.

  • Full-stack team

    We have a team that goes beyond basic development technologies. Name the technology, and we will provide an expert of relevant technology.

  • Driver's experience

    DigiTrends is Changing the Driver's Experience forever. With our solutions, you can be mindful and always alert on the road.

  • ML-powered solutions

    Machine learning requirements are fulfilled in solutions, be it for the car or the organization itself.

  • Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

    Manage approvals, quality, and much more through enterprise manufacturing intelligence solutions for the automotive industry.

  • Analytical system for manufacturing companies

    Data is the next big thing for every industry. DigiTrends has the team and experience to build you a custom analytical system for better insights on the supply chain.

  • Customer Satisfaction and Feedback Survey Applications

    Industry survival tip? Take feedback seriously. We can help you with it through our robust survey applications.

Development process

Being among the top mobile app development companies, Digitrends guarantees intuitive mobile apps that are performance-oriented and a lifestyle toolkit.

We convert untapped ideas into mobile apps!

Ensuring User-Friendly and Tech-Savvy Solutions to Keep Up with the World

DigiTrends follow standards, ensure quality, keep you connected to the team and build competitive solutions as per auto industry requirements. Our application ensures compliance with auto industry standards helping you with better quality.

  • Hardware experts

    We research, get approval and only then offer a solution. We are not just relying on developers, but the hardware experts from the auto industry work side by side for assistance.

  • Collaborating with suppliers and manufactures

    Suppliers and manufacturers work closely with our developers to ensure a better outcome. It helps us in understanding issues to their core level.

  • Mobile BI application development

    We have experts from diversified backgrounds, including mobile BI system developers - ever ready to take you to a less traveled road of automation.

  • Ensuring industrial cybersecurity

    You can be assured of the safety protocols while getting our services for your systems.

  • Automotive Industry Standards

    We are well-versed with automotive industry standards such as ISO 26262, ISO 11452-2, CISPR 25, AEC-Q100, AEC-Q200, and RoHS and can advise our clients on how to satisfy them.

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