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Advertising Empower your business with the applications and software solutions that serve the real purpose of advertising

In 2020, about 356 billion dollars will have been spent on digital advertising. In the future years, this figure is expected to rise at a rapid rate. Our strong Software for the Advertising Industry, which caters to the industry's various requirements, ensures that it is constructed on the essential blocks of client requirements, creativity, planning, and modernism. Our products assist internet stakeholders and advertising organizations in achieving their business goals, gaining new clients, and managing their advertising campaigns with convenience and efficiency, as well as judging the campaigns' performance. Our advertising sector IT solutions demonstrate a smooth association across technologies as needed, thanks to our demonstrated competence in the latest technologies such as BI, Big Data, IoT, Cloud computing, and mobile technologies.


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Automation solutions

Modern marketing automation technologies aid in the distribution of personalized information and advertising. A good CRM system acts as a centralized database for automated campaigns. This is where all of the necessary data is gathered. Our CRM and marketing automation will be more than happy to help you.

Content management systems

Modern content management systems allow you to deliver engaging content across all mediums. A headless CMS provides end to end solutions, allowing content to be modified only once before being published across many channels. Our team will be more than happy to set up your personalize content management system.

  • Promotions management

    By designing promotion campaigns and projecting sales volume, monitoring the implementation of retailer promises, reviewing campaign results, and analyzing sales based on data, Promotion Management apps enable you to build your brand.

  • Advertising planner

    Analyze and plan promotional efforts for a variety of media venues, including television, the internet, radio, print, and out-of-home. Combine various media kinds in one plan to obtain the best advertising strategy.

  • Influencer apps

    We provide marketing apps to assist you to turn social networks into consumer acquisition tools, such as social marketing apps, social analytics to analyze user behavior and generate data, and social network-integrated campaign apps.

  • Marketing data analysis

    The marketing strategy analysis tracks important metrics, outcomes, and revenue while combining data to forecast growth potential and maximize sales and marketing operations.

  • Digital publishing solutions

    We offer digital publishing solutions for publishing houses to create ePapers and eMagazines for mobile and web publications.

  • ERP And CRM Solutions

    Based on their workflow design, we help our clients to build and configure a CRM solution. Publishers can distribute material using a CRM platform to automate sales and marketing efforts over several digital platforms.

Development process

Being among the top mobile app development companies, Digitrends guarantees intuitive mobile apps that are performance-oriented and a lifestyle toolkit.

We convert untapped ideas into mobile apps!

Advertising is an Art and You Need the Best Artists to Accelerate the Processes

DigiTrends is all about increasing the way you work and deliver an advertising agency. Improve your ways with modern tech solutions and remain at the top of the market for the long term.

  • ROI Driven Programmatic Approach

    We create and maintain specialized IT solutions for the advertising sector for entrepreneurs all around the world. Our marketing software experts are able to create new products from the ground up or integrate custom software into existing platforms.

  • AI-Driven Personalization

    We support our customers by incorporating a publishing capability into our software solution, which allows members of a department to quickly exchange assets utilizing a single enterprise system. The tool is also connected with the popular user interface, which streamlines the publication process.

  • Robust product experience

    Displaying individually personalized products in the correct format, on the right channel, and at the right time improves the user experience for all user groups, resulting in higher conversion rates. Modern PIM solutions, especially those offered by us, play a critical role in this regard.

  • Enterprise Mobility Solution for Advertisement

    We provide enterprise-level mobility-enabled advertising IT solutions. It includes assisting businesses with mobile advertising, including banners and video ads, as well as purchasing and managing mobile ads.

  • Advertisement Mobile Apps

    We provide enterprise-level mobility-enabled advertising IT solutions. It includes assisting businesses with mobile advertising, including banners and video ads, as well as purchasing and managing mobile ads.

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