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Case Study

Pneumonia Awareness Compaign

Dialogue and prompt action on pneumonia prevention are more than necessary now!

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that impacts people of all ages, especially the elderly, i.e., people over 65. Vaccines are key to preventing this from happening, and our job was to raise awareness about it.





The Problem

The client was looking for a public service campaign that went beyond newspaper and radio station offerings. With a multi-channel digital marketing strategy, the public must be made aware of pneumonia vaccination. Anyone who sells vaccines will attest to the fact that there are certain inherent challenges to convincing people to vaccinate. For starters, it's easier to market remedies to sick people than it is to sell prevention to healthy people, and the fact that the target demographic was 65 and up was an issue in and of itself.

The Solution

We realized early on that someone who has seen a relevant video or visited a website may be more receptive and inclined to hear the news about pneumonia risks and vaccines. Conversations between risk and benefits of the vaccine is further validated between the doctor and the patient.

Raza Hasnain

Divisional Head, Hospital
Care- B Braun

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Social Media

  • Social Media

    We have launched events and awareness-raising activities at the city level through social media. We have targeted Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, Hyderabad, and Rawalpindi via the following platforms.

    YouTube – A dedicated YT channel for awareness building, informative video content.

    Facebook & Instagram – GIFs, videos, and static banners piqued interest, compelling followers to click through to the website for more info.

  • Dedicated Website

    We have created a clean, simple and state-of-the-art landing site to enhance the brand and product image of Pfizer vaccines. The goal was to minimize distractions and entice the visitor to register for the vaccination.

  • Targeted Marketing

    We deployed Eskimi, a modern AdTech platform that helped us find and target unique audiences based on their location, devices, interests, and more. This aided our reach to people who visited specific areas.

  • Social media Platforms

    YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram offered easy access to caregivers and family members of those at risk of Pneumonia.

  • Eskimi

    This avant-garde AdTech platform enabled us to reach a niche audience with accuracy.

  • Pfizer' Line Of Sight'

    To ensure the effectiveness of this Customer Engagement Program, Pfizer gave us access to their LOS platform.

  • The Results

    The 3-month long campaign delivered spectacularly on all counts. The social media campaign alone logged 10 million unique impressions. The 'Tum Jiyo Hazaaro Saal' website continues to dispel myths about Pneumonia vaccinations, while the digital and social media campaign supports conversations with followers about the myths and facts of pneumococcal Pneumonia.

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