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Mobile App Rapping is the way to show your passion for rhythm. Raply is a music application catering to the needs of beginner rappers.

People with an undying passion for rapping are always in a dire need of the beats. Having a platform like Raply can help you make a career out of it. With its rich features like an auto-tuning, rap battle, rap editor, and rap lyrics, the app allows you to showcase your full potential to the community and get valuable feedback.

One can record and share their rap with the world and share it on social media too.





Get Fame through Your Rap Game

We have known rapping songs for a long time. However, this has become more popular in the last few decades, and people have different kinds of talents to make your heart beat faster with their rap talent.

But the world is connecting more and more. You may be a popular rap star in your state, but who knows you outside of it? Probably NO ONE. We all know that artists grow only if they are recognized. You are greedy or not, but you need fame to get your way to make your passion a career.

Raply is solving a problem as you are no longer required to run after music producers to help you with your rap recording.

Rap Maker Studio Changing the Way You Feel the Beat

Life is too short and complicated to keep your talent to yourself just because you lack resources. If you have the right technology and resources, you can never stay behind. Raply is a chance for rappers. Raply is a solution designed by the talented team of DigiTrends who worked thoroughlyon the process to offer you features like different beats, video recording, feedback from hottest raps, and feedback from family or friends.

Samir Saleem

Digital Lead- Novartis

DigiTrends’s expertise in helping us strategically deliver targeted and engaging content, is a key value to improving our HCP’s content detailing journey.


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    Technology used

    Full exposure. Plan, roadmap, detailing, and there is an app and social media of Raply running successfully.

    Recognition for such talent cannot happen just behind closed doors. To make it public and reachable by the world, Raply used a mobile application.

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    How we did it?

    Our team now stays upbeat, too, after working with the beats for Raply. Yes, they dedicated a sound amount of time to create the community on social media and through the app so the rappers can have a solid platform to create their rocking and classical raps and share on social media as well.

Raply is now recognized worldwide by the rapping industry

You can reach millions of subscribers, too; if you work with us, call now!

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