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The traditional Bait-ul-Maal process was not only time-consuming but also tiring for patients and professionals.

Bait-ul-Maal is Pakistan's government project to help under-serving people by granting money as per their needs. They had a brief discussion with Novartis on it and they suggested an automated solution, implemented by DigiTrends.

With the sponsorship of Novartis Pharmaceuticals, we brought this process to work in days instead of months - dealing with the Government's concerns through technology.

DigiTrends as a technology partner came up with an automated solution to help underprivileged people quickly process their applications and access the grant as smoothly as possible.


Government project



The Problem

The real challenge that came with the manual system of Bait-ul-Maal by the Government of Pakistan was the delay in the process. Any patient who is looking for grant money has to apply to the hospital; the file will transfer through courier services to the district or town for approval of the person's identity. Then, the hospital will receive the file back and process the grant further.

This whole process was not only causing delays in grant access but also making it difficult for people to rely on it.

For example, if a cancer patient needs the grant to acquire a stage 1 medicine, the process will take 4-6 months, and it might put the patient in more danger than before. So, getting a grant for the medicine you no longer require is completely useless.

The Solution

DigiTrends knew from the beginning that our creators have to sit this one out for a long time. However, we followed the process by reviewing a system, noting down its loopholes, and then checked out our options to ease it for the professionals and people.

We proposed the automation that will bring all the data to the cloud. A relevant person will create the application at the moment when the patient arrives. Further, the application will take only 7-12 days for approval, and without involving courier services, they will get the approval. Just by using the same platform, they can access the grant to a deserving person in days.

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Technology used

  • Technology used

    As we needed to reduce the delay time, we used and cloud technology to make it happen. It will give real-time data just one click away, along with the time saving from the courier process.

  • How we did it?

    We aimed to make patients as comfortable as possible. Our creative team has followed conventional procedures for achieving the goals from the review to the brainstorming.

    As a result, we were able to offer the high-tech process for Government's Bait-ul-Maal automation with the support of Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

A single solution for Bait-ul-Maal has changed the lives of both patients and professionals

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