Connecting Doctors and Patients along with the Complete Learning System

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HCP Portal Healthcare is the major challenge, and companies like CCL pharmaceuticals are maintaining it amazingly.

We have many different portals working in a single dimension—one for the doctor, the other for the patients. Muber is the ultimate solution to bring both together. Doctors can check out all the relevant information and content in it. Patients can also find out the doctors or also get access to the information regarding their sickness issues.

Muber is, all in all, an intelligent system with smart algorithms. It handles all the information so that doctors see information as per their specialty, and patients get to know about the things they are looking for.






Finding a platform that gives you academic facilities, clinical opportunities, work during the lockdown, and no headaches for the payment is quite hard. Muber is giving away these facilities through its intelligent and smart features.

Log in as a doctor, create a profile, set up your specialty, check out the latest content, and also avail of the courses. One can also connect with other doctors for a thoughtful discussion on different case studies. Read, learn, market yourself as a doctor and have a secure payment process too.

As a patient, you get to have a choice of doctors. Check out the specialties, connect, talk, get online consultancy services and also learn anything you need to about your ongoing health issues anytime.

Healthcare is available at a Single Tap with Muber

Doctors have a purpose of serving, and we have observed our heroes even in times of pandemics. Muber is here to facilitate their services, especially for tough times like COVID. Besides, reaching out to every patient when most needed is a necessary part of any healthcare system. With the Muber academy and Muber lounge features, it is just like a lifesaver of these times.

DigiTrends had a great challenge in completing this portal. However, the team worked with an open mind and provided all the needed features from the HCP portal to the secure payment system in it.

Dr. Anas Iqbal

Group Brand Manager
a:care & Digital

We feel confident that we’re getting the best advice on how to formulate and implement our digital marketing strategy with Digitrends proving to be an effective business partner.


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    Technology used

    We used smart logic to keep content display unique for every profile. Rest, many different frameworks and high-tech are used to offer feasibility and convenience to both parties. The major benefit is that the web portal and app works on all desktop and mobile devices.

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    How we did it?

    We had a team over for a discussion on the issues that doctors or patients face when they need to connect or find any relevant information without going through the bulk of other studies. The team worked on the plan, design and decided on a roadmap to follow. Finally, we had our app and portal serving the best.

Millions of people are accessing Muber and getting healthcare right away

You can work your way towards serving the people too with the right solution by us.

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