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Case Study

The Client - Novartis

Novartis serves areas of great medical need by supplying medicines as well as health and safety-related products to people and professionals.

DigiTrends and Novartis partnered to find a way to keep in touch with healthcare communities around the globe to respond to the after-effect of the Novel Covid’19.


Novartis Pharma



The Problem

There is a growing need to build a community of physicians and healthcare providers that can be accessed online.

  • 63% of pulmonologists want pharmaceutical companies to provide science-based education resources.
  • Research indicates correlation between non-promotional demand and and pharmaceutical products is very low.
  • 61% of gastroenterologists believe that professional, informative videos can guide their clinical decisions.

The Solution

We set out to create Medhub as a powerful portal that offers unbridled effectiveness in providing information well beyond what has been delivered beyond pharmaceutical reps so far.

The aim was to provide content and services beyond mere promotion and offer value using a dedicated HCP portal. This included specialized content that is easily accessible for physicians.

Dr. Anas Iqbal

Group Brand Manager
a:care & Digital

We feel confident that we’re getting the best advice on how to formulate and implement our digital marketing strategy with Digitrends proving to be an effective business partner.



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    For Novartis

    • Analytics & Tracking Time portals, resources accessed the most, conduct surveys, and gain insights into physician problems.
    • We Shop Medhub doubles up as an e-sampling solution that expands the sample reach of Novartis and ensures consistent sampling supply to physicians.
    • Engagement with HCPs is made possible by interactive materials, quizzes, high-definition videos, data on research and clinical trials, and other types of digital content.
    • Push notifications It's easier to serve marketing collateral and other media right into the HCPs' hands.
    • HCP/KOL Management Medhub gives Novartis an unprecedented opportunity to connect with peers.
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    For HCPs

    • Enhanced User Experience Medhub fulfills the needs of accessibility by providing easy-to-access content from scientific literature, clinical trials, medical feeds, product data, and more.
    • Easy to Sign-Up and Log In Making an account on Medhub is easy. HCPs only need to contact their local Novartis rep to get started.
    • High-Definition Videos HCPs can easily access explainer videos that memorably present critical scientific data.
    • Access To Events HCPs can get essential summaries and video content on the Medhub portal in case they miss seminars or conferences.
    • Liaison With Local Reps Medhub is a convenient method for contacting account managers and representatives to discuss medical or scientific info about Novartis products or request samples.
    • Latest Data, Articles & Studies We worked with Novartis to set up a system that feeds the latest disease and health-related content to the portal.


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    Technologies Used

    Drupal was the ideal choice for portal development. The immense functionality demanded that we use flexible and highly responsive enterprise-class software to ensure speed and usability.

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    How did we do it?

    The “Mediahub” portal is a highly advanced portal that not only caters to a supportive and user friendly solutions but also blends the needs of all the stakeholders.

    Next, we wanted to enhance the user experience, not just for the pharma user but also for the physician. By meeting both ends the HCP portal portrays a high value commodity for the pharmaceutical industry and the physician.

MedHub is a set example for the innovation and revolution in the healthcare industry.

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