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Client Onboarding System

Jadwa is a Saudi closed joint stock company with headquarters in Riyadh.

It operates under the Saudi Arabian Capital Markets Authority (CMA). Jadwa provides large scale investment services catering to both individual and corporate financial goals.


Jadwa Investment


Financial Technology

The Problem

Financial service companies across the globe are striving to protect stakeholders and reduce risk of illegal or ambiguous activities. They are working on devising methods to provide efficient financial services to their clients, smoothly undertake financial operations and protect large finances at stake.

As digitization is becoming more prevalent, so is the risk of suspicious activities in the form of cybercrime, terrorism funding, money laundering and fraud. In this context, a renowned Saudi financial company “Jadwa” approached DigiTrends to strengthen its authentication mechanisms by incorporating KYC (know your customer) module so as to limit illegal and suspicious activities. Our client was dealing with authentication and credibility issues, so they needed optimal solutions to ensure legal clientele and eliminate financial malpractices.

DigiTrends needed to create a mechanism for Jadwa to ensure efficient service provision, client credibility and financial operation security.

The Solution

We developed a KYC (know your customer) module, an individual online account opening form and a corporate online account opening form. We incorporated client onboarding portal (COP), client’s suitability evaluation system (Relevance), and private equity fund raising platform (PEFR) in the KYC module to meet the expectations of our client. COP was integrated with Saudi MOI based Nafad service to add additional layers of security by verifying the legal status of clientele. We also established user-friendly and dual language interfaces to educate clients about input requirements and get maximum engagement. Client’s suitability evaluation system ensures relevance of clients by managing funds information and calculating risks. It measures the suitability of clients by clinging to multiple suitability weighing criteria. Equipped with multiple features, PEFR imparts first-hand knowledge on clients about funds, their management, and terms and conditions. COP, Relevance, and PEFR have the ability to integrate with each other to ensure the security of financial practices.

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Technology used

  • Technology used

    Since it was an authentication and legality issue as finances were at stake, our team used financial technology (Fintech) solutions to develop the KYC module.

  • How we did it?

    We have an experienced team specialized in providing practicable financial solutions. We discussed about the issues confronting Jadwa regarding authentication of clientele, and providing better services to individual and corporate customers. We worked on the blueprint of KYC module and finally developed it.

  • Benefits

    Owing to the KYC module, Jadwa is having more client engagement and legality compliance. It is having an easy time getting ideal clients onboard. Moreover, it is providing efficient services to its clients.


  • The Results

  • Significant Turnover

    The initiative proved productive for our client. It efficiently solved the verification and credibility issues linked to their clientele.

  • Maximum Engagement

    Our user-friendly interface helped our client achieve maximum engagement

  • Compliance to Legality Protocols

    Due to our interactive interface, the clients of Jadwa fully complied to the security protocols and KYC module requirements.

  • Enhanced Learning

    The KYC module enabled Jadwa to educate their clients about security and authentication requirements.

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