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System that Reduces ER errors, Streamlines ER Practices and Ensures the Well-being of Patients

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ER patients require quick attention from the doctors, and there is no margin of error.

A patient in the emergence rooms is usually in critical condition any judgmental errors can be fatal. This is where Pakistan's first on-screen simulator came into play. This system helped RMOs and DPs to perform their duties without any errors.

It allows young and junior doctors to blend into the possible scenario in ER and simulate treatments for better judgmental calls.


Patient Simulation



The Problem

The medical field is faced with multiple challenges every day. It is crucial for the medical team in the ER to have hands on experience before treating a patient. The challenge was to get the young doctors hands on experience on multiple scenarios before they can actually start treating the patients in the ER.

Getz Pharma and GSK approached DigiTrends with a challenge where they can create a digital solution that can help the young doctors can practice over real time scenarios and experience the possible outcomes on how they can treat the patient.

Another challenging phase was for the pharmaceutical companies, as their RTDs and events were relatively boring and, was unable to convey the necessary message to medical specialists. They were looking for something to focus more on the interactive solution that would streamline the learning process and better focus on the well-being of the patient.

The Solution

We offered the idea of an on-screen simulator. The main goal was to focus on the patient's well-being and improved learning experience for the doctors. Our creative team of developers sat down together to come up with an interactive digital solution that would help the increase the effectiveness of the message.

We suggested the GSK team get the on-screen simulator that is built and designed by keeping all possible ER practices in mind. It is an on-screen ER simulator that just makes it real for junior doctors while they are in their learning phase.

Additionally, the solution is also useful for pharmaceutical companies to foster informed meetings during their RTD and events.

Samir Saleem

Digital Lead- Novartis

DigiTrends’s expertise in helping us strategically deliver targeted and engaging content, is a key value to improving our HCP’s content detailing journey.

Technology used

  • Technology used

    We used AI and Unity 3D technology to give a simulator a real touch as doctors need to feel it so they better understand what is the right thing to do in an ER.

  • How we did it?

    We asked senior physicians and some resident physicians to help us identify potential problems with the current learning system. Then our research team did their homework on the simulator to finally come up with the idea of a rich screen simulator with multiple features that focus on all aspects of emergency practice.

Focusing to get the real-time learning and ensuring the patient's well-being with the ER simulator.

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