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Case Study

VR Game Design

Medical VR, training, and quiz solutions have always been messy, tedious, and out-of-date.

We've lifted the standard by giving over 5000 present, and aspiring medical professionals access to a cutting-edge virtual reality game. The age-old saying, "Tell me and I forget," takes on new meaning with this gamification technology. I remember what you taught me. If you involve me, I will learn.'

This game was a huge hit for our client, and it improved the quality of physician engagement initiatives in Pakistan.


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The Problem

It's difficult for pharmaceutical corporations to keep track of and communicate with skilled doctors. Every day, they seek to find new ways and approaches to guarantee that pharmaceutical corporations are as engaged with doctors as possible.

For marketing purposes, involving doctors and getting them on board is critical. However, completing this task is a significant undertaking. On the other hand, companies like our client are not allowed to force doctors to promote their products openly. As a result, our client required new activities to ensure that doctors were present and engaged to the fullest extent possible.

The Solution

The Gastro Premier League came up with the idea for this knowledge-based virtual reality game, which consisted of three levels. The first level, Sawal Ki Talash, requires the doctors to wear a virtual reality headset and play the game. They needed to locate a box containing a question. The player would next pose the question to his or her teammates.

The second round involves hitting the dart on the board using a joystick.

The third and final round required you to open boxes containing questions. If the answers were right, the team members got rewarded 50 or 100 points for each question.

Raza Hasnain

Divisional Head, Hospital
Care- B Braun

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    Technology used

    The organizers used the most up-to-date game technology available. For a completely immersive experience, each participant was given a VR headset.

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    How we did it

    The ultimate goal was to ensure that all participating HCPs were open to hearing what our clients had to say.

    We created the game, invited health care professionals from across Pakistan, divided them into teams, and then selected the overall winner.


The Results

  • Significant turnover

    The initiative turned things around for our client. The game had a high attendance of about 5000 plus health care providers.

  • Maximum engagement

    Doctors from all over Pakistan were invited to attend this event which ensured full engagement of doctors.

  • Fun for HCPs

    The game was a good distraction and a fun break for the doctors from their hectic routines. The doctors enjoyed playing the game a lot. They were attracted to it as it was not boring like the presentations and seminars they usually attend.

  • Enhanced learning

    This time, learning about new stuff and revising the old wasn’t tedious or tiring for them.

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