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Digital care can be a little tricky in Pakistan when it comes to educating people.

Hands is a non-profit organization ensuring the best healthcare for under-serving people especially women.
DISCH is an ideal solution to educate the women in their pregnancy or the ones thinking of family planning. The app is designed to guide women about the contraceptives or precautions they can take. It was funded by the Bill and Melinda gates foundation with the collaboration of Hands.

It gathers all your information, medical history and ensures that your health needs are met regardless of your location.


DIgital Care



The Problem

Healthcare has always been a challenge for underprivileged people in Pakistan. Reaching out to them is tricky and causes many problems and issues. First of all, people lack basic education about most health issues. Second, half of the knowledge is not even easy to access. Hands, a non-profit organization, is one of the active organizations working for health facilities in Pakistan. The major problem they face is to reach out to women, especially when they need to be educated on family planning.

Most people will agree with the fact that family planning is still a topic that is less talked about in our society.

Hands, however, had a major setback on managing the inventory or dealing with the basic education on pregnancy or family planning. Communication is the real issue, and therefore, hands reached out to DigiTrends to discuss this problem while they were looking for a solution.

The Solution

DISCH, known as Misaali, is one of the solutions proposed by the creative team of DigiTrends. We wanted to design an app for the people and field workers that go door to door and help women understand the significance of family planning. It also includes guidance on the kinds of contraceptives they can take.

Besides, the solution offers inventory management which helps the team to know about the availability of the required resources.

DigiTrends wanted to ensure that it was reachable to most people. The app is compatible with many devices, including Xiaomi, google, oppo, and a lot more. It is accessible to the people without any restrictions on it.

Samir Saleem

Digital Lead- Novartis

We offered the APK along with the mobile application to make planning, details, surveys easy for the team. The system now offers E-detail, and the company can also easily integrate the mode of action videos of the brand. Additionally, it gives auto analytical facility too including location tracking. Ultimately, it eases the sales and makes it more interactive for doctors too.


  • Technology used

    We needed a user-friendly design with complete security on the information of the people. So, we used .net core, Java for android swift for iOS, and built a user-friendly mobile application.

  • How we did it?

    The team of DigiTrends reached out to the people of Hands. We talked to the workers and their challenges while they were out there watching out for the people. Once we had addressed the issues, we noted the requirements and then created the app that works for both people who need to know about health care and workers in the field.

Healthcare, if compromised, can be troubling.

DISCH is just one example, and there are many to go. You have a similar or relevant issue, let's talk.

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