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Spreading Awareness About the New Dropper in the Suspension Syrup

Case Study

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Overdosing can be a real problem, especially when we are talking about Rigix.

AGP limited is a medical company that is very well established in offering the best solutions for the people who need them. However, Rigix turned out to be a little more challenging than they expected it to be. Treating allergies in children is beneficial for both doctors and mothers. However, spooning a dose was challenging as it may lead to stroke due to an overdose.


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The Problem

Rigix has its advantages however, we all are quite aware of the fact that every medicine is given according to the specific dose requirements. Overdosing can cause some minor or major issues.

Rigix is a prescription drug for treating allergies in children. It has to be given under supervision of a guardian to a child. It was initially administered by a spoon with no measurement tool, which may lead to over or under dose of the drug.

The complaint concerned the spill, as consumers hope APG will find a solution that will solve the problem. Finally, they came up with a pipette. A pipette became a measuring instrument for the mothers that helped them avoid any type of overdose. Another challenge for DigiTrends was to create awareness of the product between the physicians and the parents and the benefits of using the product.

The Solution

AGP introduced a new variant of Rigix with a dropper in 2021. We created a short video on a mobile app. The video gave instructions on how to administer the child with Rigix with help of a dropper once the doctor has prescribed the dug.

The video clearly showed how the dropper can eliminate the problem of over spilling and over dosage of the drug.

Samir Saleem

Digital Lead- Novartis

DigiTrends’s expertise in helping us strategically deliver targeted and engaging content, is a key value to improving our HCP’s content detailing journey.


  • Technology used

    We created a mobile application both on iOS and Android which had videos of how to use the dropper with the prescribed medicine which helped a greater visibility of the product for the doctors and the patients.

  • How we did it?

    Our goal was to convey the message of the dropper clearly because clinicians are the ones who can most conveniently convince parents of the ease and benefits of the product.

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