Lactogen Recover

Content and E-detailing on the Veeva Platform

Case Study

Lactogen Rcover

Lactogen is the product of Nestle, the milk for newborn babies prescribed by doctors.

DigiTrends is the first digital marketing company to worked on this top brand's marketing. Lactogen Recover is the milk for newborns, and Nestle needed to engage doctors in this regard. The purpose of the content is to let them know about the significance of Lactogen for babies.

We offered complete E-detailing along with the other requirements of the content used on Veeva to reach out to doctors in the whole world.


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The Problem

Nestle is an international brand. Working for them to develop the full content for one of their brands is challenging. However, DigiTrends never backs down from any of it. We have a brilliant team of people. They sat down, discussed the needs of the company and what is the demand for the product.

Ultimately, they had the roadmap to prepare documentation, including presentations and also the detailed notes on the Lactogen Recover.

The content was designed especially for the Veeva. This is a platform used by Nestle to keep doctors in touch with their products and services.

The Solution

We managed to pull off the best of our content services for the Lactogen. Since the Veeva platform is used and viewed globally for employee performance checks and other purposes, we created content in two languages.

We offered both versions of the content, i.e., in English and Urdu. The engaging and meaningful content leaves its impact on the audience and keeps them engaged with the latest updates on the product through the content. Veeva is the platform used to track the performance and also offer the details on different products to the relevant prospects.

Dr. Anas Iqbal

Group Brand Manager
a:care & Digital

We feel confident that we’re getting the best advice on how to formulate and implement our digital marketing strategy with Digitrends proving to be an effective business partner.

Technology used

  • Technology used

    As mentioned previously, content had to go on Veeva. So, we used the same platform to create Veeva compliant content.

  • How we did it?

    The team had to study the product. They gathered all the required information from the company. They presented it in an engaging way to reach out to the doctors and let them have all the information they must have about the Lactogen Recover before they prescribe it to newborn babies.

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