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A Single Platform for All the Bakers

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E-commerce Website
Bakers Makers is a startup bringing all the bakers in a town in one place.

Life is about celebrating with the perfect sweet treat for everyone. Bakers Makers is making it happen by giving you a bunch of choices through a PWA solution. Bakers, whether home-based or shop handlers, have huge market access through it and reach out to the customers within a few minutes.

Building a unique yet user-friendly solution for both customers and bakers was itself a challenge. Yet, DigiTrends stood out in offering the full-fledged solution.


Baker Maker


Progressive Web Apps

The Problem

Every idea was once just a thought. Someone dares to take a chance, process the thought, work on it, and BOOM, you have a great business ready to grow with each step.
Bakers Makers is the same, the idea with the potential to gather the two main stakes together and serve people right. The challenge is to make an app that goes with modern tech needs.

Users as bakers need to make it accessible for the people in the nearest area. They were not simply looking for a web app but a capable, reliable, and installable solution. They needed a user-centric system with high security, addressing all the issues of the users for a specific marketplace.

The Solution

DigiTrends came up with the latest technology of PWA. It can scale the business, meet the ends for the users and give the perfect model for a marketplace like Bakers Makers.

It gives a new meaning to the web experience for the users. Just a single codebase, and users can get the app anywhere on the device. Letting business owners be a part of the global market too.

Samir Saleem

Digital Lead- Novartis

DigiTrends’s expertise in helping us strategically deliver targeted and engaging content, is a key value to improving our HCP’s content detailing journey.


  • Technology used

    A marketplace design needs to be perfect for multiple locations and adaptive to the market changes, and nothing can do it better than PWA - Progressive Web Application. We applied it to ensure that Bakers Makers can face a fall in the number of subscribed users.

  • How we did it?

    The market study is the first step to understand the user and its requirements. Secondly, it is to study the business goals and create a roadmap. Since it is a startup, it required more attention and ideas and thoroughly went through the steps. We did it all to offer satisfactory services for our clients of Bakers Makers, and they are successfully celebrating their startup now.

  • Bakers Makers is now competing in a global market after getting a PWA solution.

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